Semester Payment Plans

Payment Plans

To help budget your payments, you can enroll in a payment plan.

The first step is to set up your account online, or contact Denison Afford at: 1-800-722-4867

Enrolling in a Semester Payment Plan allows students and parents to pay for semester tuition, fees, room and board over 3, 4 or 5 months. Participation requires a non-refundable $50 enrollment fee. Late payments are subject to a $40 service fee.

Payment dates

The start dates vary based upon the plan chosen:

Fall Semester

  • 5-month plan begins June 15
  • 4-month plan begins July 15
  • 3-month plan begins August 15 (enrollment fee and first payment due July 26)

Spring Semester

  • 5-month plan begins November 15
  • 4-month plan begins December 15
  • 3-month plan begins January 15 (enrollment fee and first payment due December 22)

To prevent late fees and delays in official registration at Denison, the Enrollment Fee and first monthly payment must be paid before the due date of the semester. Subsequent amounts must also be paid when due.

Once you enroll in the plan, all monthly payment plan payments and fees are to be paid directly through Denison Afford. Making payments to Denison will delay the transfer of credit from Denison Afford and could interfere with your official registration with the University.

Non-electronic Payments

Send all non-electronic Denison Afford payments and enrollment fees to:

Tuition Management Systems
P.O. Box 645113
Cincinnati, OH 45264-5113

If you enrolled in a monthly payment plan with Denison Afford, the Total Due on your statement of account from Denison should reflect the current semester's anticipated Denison Afford plan amount. If you feel you have not received credit for the current semester's anticipated plan amount, please contact Student Accounts.