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Plan 2 - Student Health Insurance Plan:

All full-time students are automatically enrolled in the Plan 2 - Student Health Insurance Plan unless coverage is waived.  The premium is charged only once per year and is not related to the mandatory Health Center Fee charged to all full-time students every semester. The premium is charged during the first semester of full-time enrollment for the academic year. This is the Fall semester for most students, including Fall off-campus-program participants.

If you do not want the Plan 2 - Student Health Insurance coverage, you must have completed the required online Insurance Waiver by August 26, 2016 (waiver will be available July 5). Enrollment is automatic for all students unless the waiver is completed.

  • Coverage extends for the entire 12-month period beginning 8/10/16 and continuing through 8/09/17 — 24 hours a day — at home, at school, or while traveling, including vacations.
  • The cost for the 2016-2017 academic year is $1,400.

A Student Insurance Information Card will be placed in the student's on-campus mail box in October, if the student does not waive the coverage.  The student should carry the card with them at all times. It provides information necessary for filing a claim. In the event that medical attention is required, this card should be presented to providers at the time services are rendered. Additional cards will be available in Student Accounts.

Plan 1 - Accident Only Insurance Plan:

Denison has purchased an Accident Only Insurance Plan (Plan 1) for all full-time students. The plan covers all full-time students regardless of whether they accept or waive the Denison Student Health Insurance Plan (Plan 2). The maximum benefit of this plan is $2,000 per covered injury for eligible expenses.

For questions or concerns, please contact Beth Thorpe.

Forms, Policies, Publications

⇒ For more information on the Plan 2 - Student Health Insurance Plan (policy for 2016-2017 will be updated soon), please visit the Student Insurance Brochure on Forms, Policies, Publications.