Claim Procedures


If the only medical treatment rendered was from the Student Health Center:

No claim form is required. Simply ask Student Accounts to submit that bill to the Student Insurance Plan. The student can do this by calling x6447 or by using your Denison email account send a message to Beth Thorpe.

You should retain the itemized bill from the Student Health Center for your records.

Please do not send these bills directly to Commercial Travelers Mutual Insurance Company. Student Health Center bills will be posted to your student account, as will any subsequent payments from the Student Insurance Plan.


If you require medical treatment from a provider outside the Student Health Center:

  1. Present your Student Insurance Information Card and ask that an itemized bill be sent to:

    Special Risk Claims
    Commercial Travelers Mutual Insurance Company
    70 Genesee Street
    Utica, New York 13502

  2. It is imperative that you also complete and submit a claim form. You may pick up a claim form in Student Accounts, or you may download the Student Insurance Claim Form. For 2016-2017 claims, use Policy Number 2016-M3A97. (For 2015-2016 claims, use 2015-M3A97.)

Please refer to the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan or visit the Plan website for more information, including deadlines for filing a claim for benefits (policy for 2016-2017 will be updated soon).