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Refund or Forfeiture

Tuition, Activity Fee, Student Health Fee and Room and Board

In the event of an official withdrawal after the first day of classes, a student may receive a partial refund. The withdrawal process begins when a student meets with the Dean of Students, or his/her designee, for an exit interview. A student will not be considered withdrawn without an exit interview. Upon official withdrawal or suspension, any adjustments to the account are automatically made in accordance with University policy and a refund check or bill will be sent as needed. Please contact Student Accounts with questions regarding the amount of refund or forfeiture of charges.

**NOTE: Taking a Leave of Absence or withdrawing from the University may have serious implications concerning your financial aid and repayment plan. Contact the Office of Financial Aid.

The enrollment deposit will be forfeited if a withdrawal is made after June 1 for the ensuing fall semester or November 1 for the ensuing spring semester for continuing students, or after May 1 for entering first-year or transfer students.

A student will receive a refund of tuition, activity fee and student health fee based upon withdrawal before the end of the respective full week of classes. The room refund will be based upon the date the student (including personal possessions) is determined to have vacated University premises and returned his or her room key. Please see chart below.

Withdrawal Refund Amounts
  Normal Withdrawal Medical Withdrawal
1st day of classes 100% 100%
1st week 90% 90%
2nd week 90% 90%
3rd week 50% 70%
4th week 50% 60%
5th week 25% 50%
6th week 25% 40%
7th week 25% 30%
8th week 25% 25%
9th week 0% 10%

No refunds are granted after the 8th week (9th week for medical withdrawal). In the event of withdrawal of a student because of dismissal, the medical withdrawal schedule will apply. A student who stops attendance without completing an exit interview or notifying the Dean of Students of their withdrawal is not entitled to a refund of charges.

A pro rata refund of the board charge will be made following official withdrawal or dismissal from Denison as of the date the student vacates University premises and discontinues use of University facilities and services. The Dean of Students will determine this date.

Other Conditions

If a student withdraws after the withdrawal deadline and before the first day of classes because of illness or other approved extenuating circumstance, the enrollment deposit may be temporarily held. (Extenuating circumstances must be approved in advance by the Office of Student Affairs or Admission Office, whichever is appropriate.) If the student does not register during the following two semesters, the deposit is forfeited. The withdrawal deadline is June 1 for the ensuing Fall semester and November 1 for the ensuing Spring semester for continuing students. For entering first-year or entering transfer students, the deadline is May 1.

Fees for applied music lessons, or other course fees are not refunded after the fourth week in the case of a student withdrawing for any reason from a course or from the University.

In the unlikely event that a public health agency requires Denison University to halt operations, to include the cancellation of classes, as the result of a pandemic or some similar occurrence, Denison will reopen and continue the semester as soon as public authorities permit it. Prepaid tuition, fees, room and board would not be refunded under this circumstance. Prepayments will be held and applied to the continued semester as though there were no interruption of services.