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Spring 2014 - Alumni Update

With an outstanding liberal arts education emphasizing critical thinking and effective communication skills, alumni from Denison's Department of Cinema go on to work in every profession in every industry.

Here are examples of some who continued careers directly related to cinema studies.

Robert Levine, 2000 TV Writer


Rob has written for several TV shows. His showBlack Sailsis currently running on Starz. Rob is the co-creator and writer of this series.

Heather Page, 1985 Cinematographer


Heather's a cinematographer who is currently the director of the Texas Film Commission.

John Jeffcoat, 2004 Writer, Director

John's 2006 feature filmOutsourcedwas turned into an NBC TV series. His new featureBig in Japanis nearly completed.

Belkis Turan, 1999 Producer, Assistant Director

Belkis is a Turk who resides in Istanbul. She was an assistant director on Ben Affleck'sArgoin 2012.

Robert Lyall, 1992 Cinematographer

Rob's a freelance cinematographer (his company is The Biscuit Factory) who has worked for National Geographic and the History Channel among other networks.

Jeffrey Hatcher, 1980 Playwright, Screenwriter

Jeff wrote the scripts for the filmsCasanova(2005) andThe Duchess(2008). I believe that he was both a Cinema and Theatre major.

Eric Epstein, 2002 Visual Effects, Animation



Eric was nominated for a Grammy in 2011 in the category “Best Short Form Music Video” for the song “Yes I Know” by Dayve Hawk.

Posted Date: 
Wednesday, May 14, 2014