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Honor's Day 2011

Honor's Day

The Department of Physics and Astronomy Honors Day celebration will include the Sigma Pi Sigma initiation ceremony, the seminar by alumnus Cuyler Smith, the honors banquet, and awards.

Honor’s Day Alumni Speaker:

Cuyler Smith (’01): “Ursa Physics Major”

Sigma Pi Sigma Inductees:

Clayton Crocker and Dr. Riina Tehver

Excellence in Introductory Physics Award:

Jacob Pfeil, Marissa Pfoff, Hillary Moore, Joseph Sheets, Annelise Thompson, Courtney Yong

125/126 Awards:

Peter Crady Sam Esarey, Eric Meier, Jack Ogilvie, Yubo Yang, Jinxuan Zhao

Special Senior Awards Roderick Grant Physics Education Award:

Chris Wotta

Ronald R. Winters Graduate School Award:

Jeff Cochran

Posted Date 
Thursday, April 28, 2011