Faculty Spotlight
Dr. Law

Assistant Professor Justine Law come to environmental studies through a passion for the outdoors.

Student Spotlight
Jaclyn Lucas '14

“Since the first semester of college, I have been interested in pursuing environmental studies classes and learning more about the department. Starting early, I was lucky enough to take classes from many departments that connected with environmental studies.”

Alumni Spotlight
Nicki Jimenez '12

“I want to help grow local economies, increase sustainable agriculture and provide access to healthy, local foods by helping build this infrastructure.”

Faculty Spotlight

I want to be that person that needs one planet to satisfy his needs, rather than 5 or 6. We have only one.

Volunteering in ENVS

Environmental Studies students have many opportunities to gain valuable experience as volunteers for conservation projects on campus and in the surrounding community. In past years, Environmental Studies students have volunteered on organic garden projects, helped to build trails, and removed invasive species among many other interesting projects.