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Committed to excellence

The Black Studies Center is committed to excellence in education, service and research. As an academic unit, the Center is dedicated to providing an interdisciplinary Black Studies Program designed to investigate the Black experience in the United States, Africa and the Caribbean. This program draws on the expertise of faculty members in all four academic divisions of the College humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and the fine arts. It encourages teaching across disciplines and academic divisions. It is consistent with the liberal arts philosophy of exploring issues fundamental to the development of a broadly educated person and the creation of a humane spirit.

The center offers majors in Black Studies a rigorous and broad approach to the discipline, which includes a comprehensive background in Black American history and literature. Majors are expected to acquire a grasp of significant literature on race and gender issues and to think critically about the Black experience and related fields of knowledge.

The Black Studies Center has a well established tradition and commitment to providing a range of services to the University and the broader community. It is a resource center open to the University and the Granville-Newark communities. It encourages other academic units to develop Black Studies related courses and to integrate Black Studies material into existing courses. It supports the University in promoting multiculturalism.

The Center is dedicated to stimulating research among faculty and students. While faculty members affiliated with the Center are engaged in their own studies, the Center encourages cross-disciplinary collaborative research. It creates forums and seminars on critical Black issues and provides mechanisms by which faculty, students and guest lecturers share knowledge and exchange ideas.

What do Black Studies Majors do After Denison?

A liberal arts education allows our graduates to go on to many varied careers. Many continue on to teaching, business and postgraduate education in professional programs.