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Spring 2014 Alumni Updates


See what our Alumni have been up to. 

Class of ’45: Louis Dudrow: Louis was enrolled in the Navy V-12 program at DU and has many fond memories of that time. He attended Hopkins for grad school and served in the Korean War as well as the Persian Gulf war. He was employed by the Union Trust Company of Maryland for 38 years and held various positions such as Treasurer, Secretary, & Vice President with primary responsibilities for the investments of the bank. Louis has 5 children, 2 grandchildren, and 3 greatgrandchildren. He resides in Frederick, MD.

Class of ’54: Roland Brown: Roland is a former student of Leon Smith, Samuel Wheeler, & Richard Howe as well as a distant cousin of Ambrose Swasey, the benefactor of our own Swasey Observatory. Roland studied for a masters at Carnegie Tech and worked as an asst. physicist at Argonne National Laboratory for 3 years. He then completed a 3-year theological program & became an ordained minister in the American Baptist Churches USA and earned a Doctor of Ministry from Drew University. He served various churches in WY, IL, RI, NY & PA for 42 years. He currently resides with his wife, Jean, in Lantana, FL, where he & his wife volunteer much time to the Association of Camps Farthest Out. The Brown’s hope to attend the 60th Reunion of the Class of ’54 at Denison in May.

Class of ’57: Roderick Grant: Professor of Physics at Denison University, Henry Chisholm Chair of Physics from 1965-1994, Rod is enjoying his retirement in Estes Park, CO, and Sun Lakes, AZ.

Class of ’68: Paul Neidhardt: Paul credits his success and credibility of a degree from Denison for his acceptance as an MBA candidate at The Wharton School of Finance & Commerce without prior employment experience. He began his career at the former Cleveland Trust Company in 1970 after graduation and continues working with the Cleveland office of The Glenmede Trust Company of Philadelphia as an investment counselor.Paul recalls the Denison professors as distinguished and very much invested in the students’ success.

Class of ’71: Glenn Masline: After graduation, Glenn attended University of Chicago as a grad student in physics. Due to family health issues, he left Chicago to take over the running of his family’s business, Masline Electronics in Rochester, NY, and has been there 40 years now.He credits his physics education in teaching him to be rational and thorough. It has shown him how to break down a problem into its elements and solve it logically. Glenn and his wife, Gert, have 2 girls; Stephanie (26) and Melissa (22). (Mr. Masline, on a personal note, I think you missed your calling as a writer! I very much enjoyed reading your bio. Thank you!)

Class of ’73: Leigh Coen: Leigh spent several summers prior and following her graduation from Denison working as an anthropology assistant in various museums. She attended graduate school at University of Chicago, majoring in cultural anthropology. Leigh then joined IBM as a systems engineer in 1978 and is still employed there after 36 years. She is now a global executive consultant in customs and border security best practices and IT tools and has had the opportunity to travel extensively with her job.

Class of ’74: Susan Rudolph: Since graduating from Denison in 1974, Sue wenton to get a Master’s degree and spent 18 years working as a software engineer for Rockwell and McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) in Southern California. In 1994, she left the corporate world to start her own travel agency. Sue lives and works in Huntington Beach, CA.

Class of ’81: David McCombs: David is a patent lawyer in Dallas, TX.

Class of ’82: Kenneth Hawthorne: Upon graduating from Denison, Ken obtained a Master’s degree in biophysics at Ohio State University and a Medical degree from the University of Toledo. For the past 20 years, he has been a practicing orthopedic surgeon in Ormond Beach, FL. Ken fondly remembers the Denison professors as awesome but sites Betty Watts, the department secretary, as being the most valuable person; kind and insightful.

Class of ’83: Bob Sisson: After graduating in 1983, Bob began his career as an experimental physicist with Pitney Bowes. He attained his MS in physics/optics in ’81. He gradually made the transition into software development and continued to work with Pitney Bowes for 27 years. He is currently employed with NCR, running networks of kiosks and digital signs and has his own consulting company “Cryptographic Applications Development LLC”.

James Kernohan: Since graduation, Jim has been teaching at the high school level at Milton Academy in Milton, MA, following in the pedagogical footsteps of Drs. Grant, Larson, Mickelson, Winters, et al.

Ralph “Buz” Wright: Following Denison, Ralph spent 1 year at Dartmouth College and received his degree in engineering. He then went to medical school and did a residency in Radiation Oncology. He is married (Stephanie) and lives in Denver, CO. Ralph currently works for Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers.

Susan Buchanan: Susan has wonderful memories of her time in the Physics Dept. at DU with Drs. Mickelson, Grant, Larson, and Winters. She practiced primary care Family Medicine for around ten years then returned for her Masters in Public Health. She is now board certified in Occupational and Environmental Medicine and has put together a public health academic job with lots of diverse activities including research, teaching, consulting, and patient care.

Class of ’84: Alan Teh: Alan Teh and family migrated to Perth, Australia in 2011 and is currently operating a newsagent business in Perth. Recently, Teh decided to put his physics and engineering knowledge to work and invented a lottery electronic gadget which was patented in Australia. It has been nominated for a technology award in the Australia lottery industry. He looks forward to meeting Denison alumni in Western Australia.

Class of ’72: Gwynne Roshon-Larson: Gwynne (a former Denison Singer) has devoted her career to computer design, project managing computer development projects, and program management with Amdahl Corporation and Cisco. Now retired, she and her husband, Reed Larsen, enjoy traveling the world. Gwen credits her Denison experience for instilling discipline and the ability to strive for the best. Her work with the physics professors, especially Rod Grant & Marion Wetzel, built her confidence and enjoyment of education.

Ker-Fong Lee: Ker-Fong is a Ph.D. graduate from Florida State University. He and his wife, Chew-Lean, have taught chemistry and physics for over 30 years at Florida State College in Jacksonville and are quickly approaching retirement. Both Ker-Fong and his wife take great pride in the vast numberof students they have influenced in their years of academia. Their son, Maxwell, is a violinist, pianist & songwriter-singer, and manager of The Ritz Chamber Music Society, a classical chamber music group.

Class of ’87: Paul Loring: After graduating from Denison, Paul ended up in Westchester County, NY, working for Prodigy, the online services where he met his wife of 16 years now. Since Prodigy, Paul has worked for a few financial firms as a programmer, manager, and CTO, but has settled in as an IT consultant; programming, architecting, and building computer systems for a variety of clients. Paul and his wife have 2 children, Sophie (16) and Julian(12). Paul credits his Denison Physics degree for the problem solving skills which have been very important to his success in the business world.

Mike Bait: Mike is a physics teacher at Granville (OH) High School. His wife, Keena, works at Denison in Institutional Advancement. They have two children, Brian, 9th grade, and Brielle, 8th grade.

Class of ’90: David Schaad: David is currently a Professor of the Practice and Associate Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Duke University. He is also the faculty advisor for Duke Engineers for International Development. Paul is married to Kelli Melone (Denison class of 1990) and they have five children-Kelsey (19), Zachary (17), Alyvia (14), Leah (11), and Judah Moses (5). Judah joined their family last year when they adopted him from Uganda.

Class of ’92: Cynthia (Dolbeer) Tomasch: During on-campus interviewing her senior year, Cynthia interviewed for a management training program with B.F. Goodrich, then a plastics manufacturing company. A short 21 years later, she is still with the company, now called PolyOne Corporation. She is current the General Manager for this business which provides color and additive solutions. Prior to this she was vice-president of Finance & Investor Relations for the company. Her career with PolyOne has led her through roles in finance, sales, marketing, and IT project management prior to her most recent position. Cynthia has found that her Denison Physics education taught her to work very hard and not get overwhelmed by seemingly insurmountable tasks. She has learned that you just have to dive in and start chipping away and eventually you’ll succeed. Cynthia is married to Seth Tomasch and they have three children; Eli (14), Andrew (13), and Sarah (9). They reside in Olmsted Falls, OH.

Class of ’98: Colin Bossen: Colin fondly remembers his time with the Physics & Astronomy Department. He has left the world of hard sciences and, after becoming a Unitarian Universalist minister and serving as a parish minister in Cleveland for five years, is currently pursuing his PhD in American Studies at Harvard. He is working on the relationship between religion and social movements. Colin is married and has two children, a six year-old son and a fifteen year-old stepdaughter.

Class of ’99: Andrea (Habakuk) Janssen: Andrea is married to Brad Janssen, a Denison Geology graduate, and they have a 5-year old son, Josh, and another baby due in February. Andrea taught physics for several years at the high school level and is now working for Teach for America as the National Physics Coach for the teachers in the program. She treasures the education she received and the experiences she had at Denison.

Class of ’01: Cuyler Smith: Cuyler has had a very unique career path since graduation. He attended the University of Texas at Austin and got an MS in Civil Engineering (structural). After that, he worked for a structural firm in Huston for 14 months, then left to volunteer for the National Park Service in Anchorage, AK. He lived there for 3 years and then met his wife and moved from Anchorage to Fredericksburg, TX, to be closer to her. Cuyler and his wife worked together doing painting, brush clearing, tree trimming, feeding/care for cattle, etc. In September of this year, he got a job as a Database Analyst/Researcher at the Hill Country Memorial Hospital’s Foundation office maintaining their fundraising database. He still resides in Fredericksburg, TX.Cuyler feels his Denison physics degree has provided him with a sound basis for his varied career path and given him the freedom to pursue his own goals.

Class of ’06: Kimberly (Murley) Stroka: After graduation from Denison, Kim began graduate school at Univ. of Maryland, College Park in the Fischell Dept. of Bioengineering. She completed her Ph.D., her research being in the field of cell biophysics & biomechanics in the context of cardiovascular disease. She is currently working on her postdoctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University in the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and Institute for NanoBio Technology. Her current research focuses on understanding the mechanisms of tumor cell migration during metastasis using microfabricated devices, molecular biology, live cell imaging, and mathematical modeling. This fall, Kim plans to apply for a faculty position.

Alex Lechler:Alex recently wrapped up a 2-year postdoctoral researcher position at the University of New Mexico and is currently starting a new Research Associate position at the Univ. of Washington Dept. of Earth & Space Sciences. His work is in the general fields of tectonics and stable isotope geochemistry and his current project focuses on constraining continental temperature changes during the last Ice Age using a relatively new technique called clumped isotope thermometry. Alex credits much of his success in getting through a Ph.D. to the time spent on the Hill!

Class of ’08: Mimi Pierson:After graduating with a degree in Physics & Geology, Mimi took off to travel for a couple of years and eventually settled in Ireland. She got her masters in Environmental Sciences there and now works as the Environmental Manager for a geotechnical consultancy that runs a large lead/zinc exploration project. With her partner Owen, Mimi also farms her land and provides raw milk and organic meat and grains for a local CSA that is closely associated with Ireland’s first Ecovillage. Mimi feels that Denison served as a spring-board for all of the amazing things in her life so far.

Class of ’09: Robbie Christian:Since leaving Denison in 2009, Robbie took a year to travel around the world working as a recreational scuba instructor. He then spent a year taking a few Marine Science classes at University of Miami, FL. At the end of one year, he was offered a full-time permanent position as the Assistant Diving Safety Officer at UM. He services all dive gear, tracks inventory, teaches students how to be underwater researchers, and performs underwater field work around Florida and the Caribbean.

Nick Geitner:Nick attended Miami University in Oxford, OH, and obtained his MS degree. Currently he is a third year PhD candidate at Clemson University in SC. His work is in experimental nano biophysics, particularly with environmental applications. He will soon be job hunting for postpost-doc positions. While his research is very different from that done at Denison, Nick feels the problem solving approaches taught at Denison laid the groundwork for forming strong physical intuitions which can be applied to virtually any problem he encounters.

Charles Baldwin:Charlie is currently a graduate student at the University of New Mexico work on him Ph.D. in physics. He is doing research on quantum information theory with applications to atomic systems. He has two research projects, one on quantum process tomography and the other on coherent quantum control of qudit systems.

Matthew Bishop:Upon graduation, Matthew left for Hungary for a year of service in a program (Young Adults in Global Mission) administered by the Lutheran church. After a formative year abroad, he returned to Ohio to be near his family and began work on a contract job with a NGO in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, spending most of his time at an environmental education center there. He then landed a job in international development, back with the Lutheran Church (ELCA) and spent the next two years investigating both the nuances of international work as well as corporate work. This summer he left that job and moved to Fargo, ND, where he recently married. He is now working part-time while applying to graduate school in climate policy.

Chengeng Zeng:After graduation, Geng spent a half year learning German in Germany, then moved to Seattle to pursue a Ph.D. in Physics at University of Washington. Currently he is beginning his fourth year. Geng works in a lab that specializes in research on medical imaging devices, in particular PET (Positron Emission Tomography). His recent work has been in the frame of a combined module of mammography and PET. In his free time, Geng is enjoying the wonderful natural scenery of the northwest, vibrant city life with diverse cultural enrichment and learning Spanish.

Class of ’10: Derrick Carman:Derrick attended law school at Syracuse University College of Law and graduated with a juris doctor in May ’13. He has joined the Intellectual Property Law Department at IBM where he specializes in drafting patent applications for inventions made by IBM employees around the world. Derrick says that his physics education is a vital tool in his day-to-day job and credits Denison with giving him the technical foundation on which to build his knowledge and bridge the gap between science and law. Derrick is married to Erica Monnin, a 2010 Denison alum.

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Monday, April 28, 2014