White Pine
White Pine bark
White Pine leaf
White Pine plaque
White Pine
Recognition Features: 

Five needles per bundle. Each needle is a few inches long. Cones are 5-7 inches in length.

Historical Notes: 

For over three centuries white pine was the most important timber-producing tree. In the virgin forests of years past, these trees were the most abundant woody plants. They grew to heights similar to the redwoods of California (up to 240 feet). They were logged extensively and exported to European countries. The wood was used to build wooden sea vessels. Masts of these ships were made exclusively out of white pine trunks. The wood is strong, yet light, making it an ideal wood for builders. White pine was used as the framework for the first railroad tracks (Peattie 1964).

Scientific Name: 
Pinus strobus
Scientific Family: 
Common Family: 
Denison Tree ID: 
NE corner of Beth Eden