Ebaugh Pond

Ebaugh Pond Image
Ebaugh Pond is a frequent site for student and faculty research. Studies there in recent years have involved sedimentation, the spawning patterns of bluegills, and the relationship between the native bluegill and invasive mosquitofish. It’s also a great place to chill under the shade of a tree or warm beside the occasional evening bonfire.
History & Architecture

Tucked between the Barclay-Thomsen Field and State Route 661 is one of Denison’s more “hidden” scenic features, the storied Ebaugh Pond. The two-acre body of water was created in 1934 for purposes of skating and botanical and zoological experiments. It was named for W.C. Ebaugh, a longtime head of the Chemistry Department and owner of the property that bordered the pond’s location.

Athletics Quad
Ebaugh pond was built in 1934 for purposes of ice skating and zoological and botanical research, but today’s more stringent insurance requirements have made everything but science a no-no in its depths.