Sweetgum bark
Sweetgum leaf
Sweetgum plaque
Recognition Features: 

Palmately veined and lobed star-shaped leaves, similar to Maple leaves but arranged alternately. Fruit is spiked like burrs. Naturally appears in Southern Ohio.

Historical Notes: 

The name sweet gum is derived from the resin it produces, which has been used as a treatment for sores and skin troubles, chewing gum, adhesives, perfumes, fuel, and most notably, as a flavoring for tobacco. Now, it is primarily used as lumber, to be made into cabinets, boxes, and crates (Peattie 1964).

Scientific Name: 
Liquidambar styraciflua
Scientific Family: 
Common Family: 
Witch Hazel
Denison Tree ID: 
East side of Gilpatrick