Tech Guide

Incoming Student Tech Guide

As an incoming student, you are likely wondering what you should bring and what you will find on campus technology-wise. This guide, prepared by Denison's Information Technology Services (ITS), is for you.

If you are shopping for a notebook, make sure to check out the Computer Recommendations section which includes general computer specifications and links to vendors that offer discounts to Denison students. And remember, Denison provides Microsoft Office and McAfee anti-virus software at no charge!

Getting Started…

After you submit your enrollment deposit, your BigRedID, initial password, and Denison email address will be sent to you by the First Year Programs office. Your BigRedID and password will give you access to MyDenison and many other online Denison technology resources.

As soon as you receive your BigRedID and initial password, we recommend you visit MyDenison. You'll be asked to change your password to a new value. Now you are all set to start using Denison resources! You'll want to…

  • Check your Denison email regularly.
  • Download any software you need for your computer.
    (Important: if you'll be getting a new computer, hold off on downloading any software – you are eligible for only one copy of each software title.)


Please contact the ITS Help Desk at 740-587-6395 or