The Labyrinth

Single path to the center and back
The Labyrinth

The Open House - Center for Religious and Spiritual Life located on lower campus at 204 North Mulberry St has an indoor Labyrinth and a beautiful outdoor Labyrinth.

What is a Labyrinth you ask?

The Labyrinth is single path to the center and back. It is a metaphor for life's journey and reflects the winding passage each of us takes along the way. The way we walk the labyrinth, is the way we walk the path of life. We here at The Open House invite you to walk this path with an open heart and allow it to offer you its' simple gifts.


As You Walk...

As you walk the winding path to the center, use the time to focus on your inner self. Clear your mind of distractions and find your own pace. Stand, sit, pray or meditate once you reach the center. Stay as long as you like and return by the same path. Pause as you exit, turn, and give thanks.

The Labyrinth

Our outdoor Labyrinth is patterned after an 11-Circuit Medieval labyrinth found in the stone floor of Chartres Cathedral in France, circa 1201 A.D. It was constructed under the direction of Robert Ferre '66, founder of Labyrinth Enterprises, Inc., master builder of Labyrinths around the world, and lover of sacred geometry.