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investigation of human and animal phenomena

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior. As behavioral scientists, psychologists are chiefly interested in thoughts, feelings, overt actions, and physiological processes and how these dimensions of behavior interact and influence one another over time. Psychology is also a diverse field; it is a scholarly discipline, a scientific field of study, and an applied profession.

As a scholarly discipline, psychology represents a major department in academic settings. The primary goal of the Department of Psychology at Denison University is to teach students the significant concepts, theories, research findings, and methodological approaches of this discipline.

As a scientific field of study, psychology entails the investigation of human and animal phenomena by examining the factors that affect psychological processes. Psychology faculty members at Denison are actively involved in exploring various aspects of human and animal functioning through their own research, and an important component of a student's training at Denison is direct involvement in psychological research.

As an applied profession, psychology involves the application of knowledge, skills, and techniques to the prevention and solution of individual and social problems. Applied psychologists may work in clinical, counseling, educational, industrial, or social settings. Denison students have the opportunity to gain experience in applied psychology through the department's Field Experience course, the Organizational Studies program, or individual work with faculty.

The Psychology Department is committed to helping students develop an appreciation for the basic areas of psychological science and the methodologies used by individuals engaged in psychological research. The courses that you will take in our department will examine contemporary psychological theories, research and special topics in the field; give you the opportunity to learn and practice research methodologies and strategies used in the discipline; and challenge you to apply your knowledge of psychological science to social issues and your everyday life. The Psychology Department is also committed to the University’s focus on educating students in the liberal arts. To this end, the coursework and faculty will facilitate your discovery of connections between psychology and other disciplines and, ideally, will foster your development as a human being and citizen.