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PORT-111 Beginning Portuguese I
An introductory course to the Portuguese language, and to Portuguese and Brazilian cultures. The course will develop the four basic skills of speaking, reading, writing and listening, emphasizing basic language structure. It will also present and analyze main aspects of the history of Portugal and Brazil, their cultural similarities and difference.
PORT-112 Beginning Portuguese II
A continuation of Portuguese 111. The course will continue developing the basic language skills with an emphasis on speaking, reading and writing. It will introduce students to different aspects of Portuguese and Brazilian popular culture. Important literary texts will be included as reading materials.
PORT-211 Intermediate Portuguese
A course focused on the development of oral and wirting skills. The course is designed as an analysis and class discussions of important Brazilian contemporary movies. Discussions cover issues such as poverty, migration, dictatorship, gender and race.
PORT-245 Intermediate Portuguese
Topics in Portuguese (Portuguese-245). A review of language modalities (speaking, listening, reading, writing) in a cultural context, with an emphasis on speaking and writing.
PORT-361 Directed Study
PORT-362 Directed Study
PORT-363 Independent Study
PORT-364 Independent Study