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Tony Lisska publishes across a broad array of fields

Tony Lisska’s recent presentations and publications demonstrate not only the breadth of his own research, but the variety found within fields of philosophy.

Tony Lisska, Maria Theresa Barney Professor of philosophy, presented a paper at the 2013 meeting of the Ohio Philosophical Association and gave a talk at the summer quarterly meeting of the Catholic Record Society. His article, titled “Is and Ought” was published in the peer-reviewed New Catholic Encyclopedia: Supplement 2012-2013: Ethics and Philosophy, 2012 Edition and his article “Rev. Joseph Augustine Kelly, O.P.: The Somerset Years” was published in the Bulletin of the Catholic Record Society. More modern topics are considered in Lisska’s article “The Metaphysical Presuppositions of Natural Law in Thomas Aquinas: A New Look at Some Old Questions” which was reprinted in Aquinas and Modern Law. His two presentations were just as diverse in subject as were his articles, one being “The Ventricle System and the Internal Senses in Medieval Cognitive Theories,” read at the OPA meeting held at Denison University, and the other being “The Triumvirate of Nineteenth Century Dominican Leadership: Kelly, Kearney and McKenna,” given to the Catholic Record Society, Diocese of Columbus chapter.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014