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Dave Przybyla Przybyla, David Paul J. Przybyla

Associate Professor & Director of (Organizational Studies)
Faculty  |  Organizational Studies, Women's and Gender Studies, Psychology
Burton D. Morgan Center
406; Blair Knapp Hall 404
B.A., SUNY; M.S., Purdue University; Ph.D., SUNY-Albany

Dr. Przybyla is a social-personality psychologist specializing in the study of human sexual behavior.  His research interests in this area include interpersonal attraction, the consequences of physical attractiveness, and contraceptive education.  Dr. Przybyla has been at Denison since 1985, and teaches a range of courses including social psychology, human sexuality, and industrial/organizational psychology. Dr. Przybyla also is the Director of Denison's Organizational Studies Program.

Research Details: 

My major research program is in morphological characteristics and their consequences in the area of interpersonal attraction.  Broadly speaking, morphological characteristics may be conceptualized as physical attractiveness cues -- facial and otherwise.  A current primary focus of my work is cranial hair loss in men.  I am interested in continuing my work in this area and would be particularly interested in working with students who have expertise with Photoshop.  Research projects into other physical attractiveness cues are also of interest.

A second area of interest is that of gender and sexuality.  I am interested in comparing the experiences of men and women in areas ranging from contraception and abortion, to pregnancy and childbirth, to erotica and coercion, to sexual dysfunction. I would be interested in research extending either of the preceding content areas into the field of organizational behavior (e.g., romantic attraction in the workplace).

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