Off Campus - Accepted Programs

Check out a list of all of the accepted Off-Campus Study Programs which are available to students seeking an off-campus experience for the 2016-2017 academic year.

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Where We Go
Courtney Vinopal ’13

For Courtney Vinopal ’13, working for the French Embassy in Washington, D.C., is more than writing and editing. It’s an opportunity to represent a unique and fascinating country.

Where We Go
Elise Bowling '14 - Learning to be fearless

Elise Bowling ’14 studied in Japan for eight months. It was a profound experience, full of language, culture, beauty, frustration, loneliness, and warmth. In other words, she loved it.

Student Spotlight
VandenBerg trip 1

For Eleanor VandenBerg ’14, Copenhagen began to feel a little like home as she settled in with her host family and found a sense of cozy comfort that she didn’t expect.