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A general category used only the evaluation of transfer credit.
Satisfactory completion of NEUR 401 is required of all senior neuroscience concentrators. NEUR 401 is a zero credit course.
Neuroscience Senior Capstone Seminar - This course is the culminating experience for the Neuroscience concentration, taken in the spring of the senior year. Topical areas may vary but typically include perspectives from cellular & molecular neuroscience, neural systems & circuits, neural development / plasticity / repair, behavioral & cognitive neuroscience, and the neurobiology of disease. Students will read and critically evaluate primary neuroscience literature, and develop oral and writing skills for communicating neuroscience research to different audiences. Students will also integrate knowledge and skills from prerequisite courses in Biology, Computational Science, Philosophy, Psychology, and the college's General Education curriculum. Prerequisites: BIOL 210, BIOL 220, PSYC 100, PSYC 200, PSYC 350, either PHIL 210 or PHIL 280 or Bioethics, and CS 111 (Students may substitute CS 109, 110, or 112 for CS 111).
This course provides a venue in which to explore chosen topics in neuroscience at the advanced level. Topics vary according to the interests of students and faculty.
A general category used only in the evaluation of transfer credit.