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NEUR-200 Introduction to Neuroscience
A survey of the interdisciplinary field of Neuroscience, covering the "basics" of Neuroscience. Beginning with an overview of the philosophy and historical contributions to modern Neuroscience, the course examines the evolution of Neuroscience as a discipline and the importance of interdisciplinary perspectives in Neuroscience. Cellular function (neurophysiology) is then examined, including the characteristics of the neuron ("at rest" and when active, ionic movements into and out of the neuron, refractory periods and ion transport mechanisms. The course then presents a nueropharmacology, including receptor subtypes, neurotransmitters, post-synaptic potentials and drugs that act to alter/modify neural function. The general structure of the nervous system is covered, including an in-depth examination of the major nuclei, fiber tracts and "connections" in the brain. Spinal cord and peripheral nervous system anatomy is also presented. Note: This course has a mandatory 3-hour weekly lab meeting. Prerequisite: BIOL 150. Pre- or corequisite: PSYC 100. (Offered spring semester of odd-numbered years)
NEUR-299 Introductory Topics in Neuroscience
A general category used only the evaluation of transfer credit.
NEUR-400 Advanced Neuroscience
A continuation of NEUR 200. Designed for juniors and seniors. Course focuses on the more "molar" aspects of Neuroscience, with participation by several Neuroscience faculty and discussions of primary literature. Includes discussions of sensory and motor systems, hormonal control of behavior, memory and learning, neurodevelopment, neuropathology and neuroimmunology. Students will engage in discussions of primary literature. (Offered spring semester of even-numbered years)
NEUR-401 Neuroscience Assessment
Satisfactory completion of NEUR 401 is required of all senior neuroscience concentrators. NEUR 401 is a zero credit course.
NEUR-450 Special Advanced Topics in Neuroscience
This course provides a venue in which to explore chosen topics in neuroscience at the advanced level. Topics vary according to the interests of students and faculty.
NEUR-499 Advanced Topics in Neuroscience
A general category used only in the evaluation of transfer credit.