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Carlson and Cook featured performers in Iowa

Andy Carlson and Casey Cool take some time out this summer to perform with the Iowa City Orchestra.

World-class fiddler and violinist Andy Carlson returns to Iowa City to solo with the orchestra this year. Carlson lived in Iowa City from 1995-1998 while pursuing his doctorate at the University of Iowa, where he was awarded the Iowa Performance Fellowship and the Pelzer Fellowship while he was here. Although he had a wonderful impact on the School of Music as concertmaster of the orchestra, violinist with the Center for New Music and as a chamber musician, it was his involvement with the community that was most remarkable about his graduate student years and has kept him coming back to our community as a cultural icon.

As a violinist, Carlson is comfortable in many styles, but his fiddling chops are what truly distinguish him. As the former state fiddling champion of both Georgia and Ohio, he has worked, taught and learned with many of Iowa City's finest bluegrass and folk musicians. Andy played regularly with Big Wooden Radio and Al and Aleta Murphy, recorded with Dave Zollo and inspired many classical violinists to get outside the box through his regular teaching and fiddle workshops at the Preucil School of Music.

Posted Date 
Thursday, May 29, 2014