Music at Denison

Orchestra 101
Orchestra 101

The music curriculum is intended to meet the general needs of liberal arts students while providing students interested in a music major or minor with the skills needed to excel in their area of concentration—performance, education, history, composition. In keeping with a liberal arts philosophy, the department encourages interested students campus-wide to participate in its varied ensembles. Curriculum also combines theory and practice to provide students majoring in music with the necessary skills to excel in their area of concentration (performance, composition, history, bluegrass). Acknowledging the need to examine the contributions of various cultures, the curriculum exposes students to a broad spectrum of musical influences (western European, jazz, world music, American folk, African- American, computer music).

In addition, individual ensembles are designed to meet the students' musical needs while providing a positive educational experience. Private instruction (instrumental, vocal and composition) is intended for those students desiring to raise their musical skills to a higher level. 

The department also generates or sponsors concerts throughout the academic year to make music an important aspect of life at Denison.

What Do Music Majors Do After Denison?

Our graduates have pursued careers:

  • In teaching in private and public schools and colleges and in private studios
  • In music therapy, music management and administration
  • As critics and freelance writers
  • As conductors and organists for sacred music
  • In performance as soloists, chamber musicians and conductors
  • In composition as composers, arrangers, orchestrators and copyists as music librarians
  • In audio engineering in recording studios or as acousticians
  • In music marketing

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