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Megan Threlkeld honored as Robert C. Good Fellow

Megan Threlkeld, assistant professor of history, has just been named to the Robert C. Good Faculty Fellowship Program.

Under the program, which is named for Denison University’s 16th president, a tenured faculty member is released from all normal teaching and advising responsibilities for one semester, in order to provide opportunities to advance major scholarly or other creative projects. The awards are competitive, and their number is limited. Threlkeld will use her time to research and write her forthcoming book, titled “Women and World Citizenship Before 1945.”

Threlkeld's research focuses on U.S. women’s international activism in the first half of the twentieth century. Her book, "Promoting Pan America: U.S. Women Internationalists Confront Revolutionary Mexico," is forthcoming in September 2014 from the University of Pennsylvania Press.

Posted Date 
Wednesday, April 2, 2014