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2014-2015 Departmental Award Winners

Department of History student scholarship/awards recipients, selected March 2014.

Michael and Amy Gordon Award

Awarded to a graduating senior who intends to pursue their studies at the graduate level.

Winner:  Corrine Cox

Allen T. Price Scholarship

A need based scholarship awarded to excellent history majors.

Winners: Erica Hastings, Sunder Willett

Francis Wayland Shepardson Scholarship

For sophomore or junior students who have shown proficiency and interest in American History.

Winner: Jean Nicole Hurley

John C. Taylor II Memorial Prize

The parents of John Taylor created the prize in memory of their son who was a student at Denison and a history enthusiast.  The prize is awarded to a graduating senior in American History who has an excellent grade-point average and who has done commendable work in history courses.

Winners: Natalie Hall, Madeleine Oulevey

William T. Utter Memorial Prize

Cash prize awarded to the best Honors project by a History major.

Winner: Corinne Cox

Posted Date 
Wednesday, May 7, 2014