Theory and the Social Foundations

The advantage of the liberal arts as preparation for teaching is simply this: you will have a good, solid, general background and a well-developed foundation in education. Our Educational Studies major is for students who wish to prepare for a career in education in elementary or secondary schools, or in the broader community. This curriculum introduces students to learning theory and the social foundations of education, and it allows for internships in the field. This curriculum fits well into one's broader liberal arts education, and provides time to complete a major in another field of study, for example, in the discipline one intends to teach. The Educational Studies major does not lead directly to teacher licensure, however; faculty and staff in the Department of Educational Studies assist students in creating individually designed plans for obtaining licensure after graduation through a range of programs beyond Denison. 

The mission of the department is to help students understand:
  • the history of education
  • the roles of schooling in contemporary U.S. society
  • theories of learning
  • theories of interpersonal exchange.
We expect our students to become leaders in education, knowing how to solve problems and create new approaches for schools.

What do educational studies majors do after Denison?

Many of our students go on to teach in public and private schools and businesses. Some continue on to graduate school to earn teacher licensure, continue in some area of education (for example: special education, or counseling & school psychology ) or to learn more about their other major. Some go to law school. Some become teachers for programs such as  Teach for America. Preparing oneself in education at Denison does not limit one to just one sort of job or career. Our graduates report to us that they have found their education background useful in whatever career they choose.

Graduate School Information

Within the last few years our graduates have gone on to many different graduate schools and teacher licensing programs: