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Lego Robotics team

The Granville Lego Robotics team got a big lift from Team Denison students and faculty.

Posted Date: January 30, 2017


Prof. Heather Rhodes

Prof. Heather Rhodes: “Using Science in the Media as a Gateway to the Primary Literature”

Posted Date: October 19, 2016

Dr. Rex L. Mahnensmit '73 was recently recognized by Continental Who's Who.

Posted Date: September 26, 2016
Students in Biology Class

Biology students presented their academic research at the Undergraduate Research Conference in April, 2016.

Posted Date: August 24, 2016
Heather Rhodes

In a Newark Advocate profile, Heather Rhodes, associate professor of biology, recounts her joy in teaching and in research.

Posted Date: July 26, 2016
Emily Lamm
Awards & Honors

Emily Lamm '16, biology major, was honored by Denison President Adam Weinberg with the President's Medal.

Posted Date: July 14, 2016
Sarah Winnicki
Awards & Honors

Sarah Winnicki '16, biology major, was honored by Denison President Adam Weinberg with the President's Medal.

Posted Date: July 14, 2016
James Sulikowski '91

“Dr. Shark” James Sulikowski '91 was featured on the Discovery Channel during the ever-popular “Shark Week.”

Posted Date: June 28, 2016

Two Biology professors accompanied nine biology majors to the Butler University Undergraduate Research Conference in early April.

Posted Date: May 6, 2016

Professor Laura Romano's Developmental Biology class met with residents of Kendal senior living community.

Posted Date: April 13, 2016
NFS Logo Image

Sarah Winnicki ’16 has been awarded a National Science Foundation post-graduate grant.

Posted Date: April 5, 2016

The Denison University Biological Society recently volunteered at The Works Museum.

Posted Date: March 21, 2016

Michael Stern, a member of the Denison class of 1983, vice president of Monsanto, presents “Trends in Global Agriculture: Challenge and Opportunities.”

Posted Date: March 17, 2016
Awards & Honors

This honor recognizes consistent and excellent academic performance throughout the curriculum and a passion for the discipline of Biology.

Posted Date: February 26, 2016
Awards & Honors

This honor is traditionally given to juniors who display not only academic excellence in the biology major but a genuine passion for biology and learning.

Posted Date: February 26, 2016
Awards & Honors

This honor recognizes meaningful participation in an extended research experience within the field of biology.

Posted Date: February 26, 2016
Awards & Honors

This honor recognizes consistent and valuable assistance to faculty and students and the positive environment created by these seniors through their passion for biology.

Posted Date: February 26, 2016
Science Elementary program

More than two dozen Denison students participated in the annual “Science, It's Elementary!” program at Granville Elementary School.

Posted Date: February 25, 2016
Denison lacrosse

Denison lacrosse co-captains Nick Bortolani '16 and Brian Miller '16 are biology majors who have played together for almost 15 years.

Posted Date: February 25, 2016
Awards & Honors

Biology Senior Fellows

Posted Date: February 16, 2016
Biologist Julio Lemos-Espinal

Biologist Julio Lemos-Espinal, International Scholar in Residence at Denison, will meet with students in several academic disciplines, including biology, environmental studies and modern languages.

Posted Date: February 1, 2016


Grant Adams

Bio major Grant Adams ‘11 discovered a new species of lizard.

Posted Date: October 23, 2015

Rick Karban, professor of entomology at University of California-Davis, spoke of the necessity for plants to communicate and what triggers that communication.

Posted Date: September 17, 2015
Wendy Geslewitz
Student Highlight

After her classwork, biology major Wendy Geslewitz '16 helps takes care of hospice patients.

Posted Date: September 10, 2015
Professor Geoff Smith helps out on a local land laboratory. (Photo: Sara C. Tobias/The Sentinel)

Professor Geoff Smith helps out on a local land laboratory.

Posted Date: September 2, 2015
Laurel Symes

Laurel Symes '07, now an evolutionary biologist at Dartmouth College, was recently featured on an NPR article about crickets.

Posted Date: August 28, 2015
SSV Robert C. Seamans, operated by Sea Education Association

Erica Schulz '17 sailed the ocean blue to complete some of the first comprehensive oceanographic surveys of the Phoenix Islands.

Posted Date: August 19, 2015

Dr. Carrie Kitko '95 will lead a stem cell transplant program at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Posted Date: July 23, 2015
Dr. Suzanne Monaghan '75

Dr. Suzanne Monaghan '75 is a pediatrician who will ride her bike 2,700 miles across the country later this summer to raise awareness for children's health.

Posted Date: July 23, 2015
Aedin Brennan ’16 accepting NCAA national championship medal

Aedin Brennan '16 won the NCAA national championship in heptathlon.

Posted Date: May 28, 2015