Ronneberg Lecture

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Here are just a few notable lecturers from past years: 
  • Robert Ballard, oceanographer & discoverer of the wreck of the Titanic
  • Spencer Wells, geneticist, anthropologist, and Explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic Society
  • Steven Johnson, popular science author
About the Series 

Steven Johnson

Dr. Conrad E. Ronneberg was a Professor of Chemistry at Denison University. He endowed the Ronneberg Lectureship in 1981 as a means to bring to campus outstanding scientists to lecture on a diverse range of topics. Dr. Ronneberg hoped these scientists would have real stature in the intellectual world and that they would increase the students’ appreciation for science.

Historically, the Dr. Conrad E. Ronneberg Lecture Series has funded a mixture of well-known speakers for a larger audience and more specialized speakers for a smaller audience, often linked to specific science courses.

Procedures for Requesting Ronneberg Funds

Submit a proposal, that includes the following, via e-mail to the coordinator for the Ronneberg Lectureships.

  1. Speaker’s name & institutional affiliation & anticipated date(s) of the visit.
  2. List of any classes or student groups he/she will likely visit.
  3. If you plan to have the speaker give a “public” presentation, then list the potential topic and audience for this lecture (the audience can be students). A “public” event could be a brown bag lunch, an early evening talk, or some other format.
  4. Name of faculty/department(s)/program(s) hosting the lecturer.
  5. Include a budget with estimated costs for the portions of the visit that Ronneberg is asked to fund. This might include travel, lodging, and food for the speaker, meal or reception with students or faculty, and an honorarium. Ronneberg can partner with departments or programs to fund speakers.

Series Archives


Ronneberg lecture: ‘Unleashing Your Geosciences Mojo’ (90778)
April 10, 2017
Geologist John Dolson talks discusses the importance of volunteering in developing leadership skills.
‘How Hyper-Optimizations Make us Spend More Money and Time’ (88174)
February 23, 2017
The Ronneberg Lecture Series welcomes GG Games co-founder Spencer Brooks presenting a talk about hyper-optimizations in the game industry.
‘Access to Unapproved Medical Interventions in the Zika Epidemic’ (67853)
February 2, 2017
The Ronneberg Lecture Series welcomes Kelly McBride Folkers '12 presenting "Access to Unapproved Medical Interventions in the Zika Epidemic."


‘Moss Morphology: More Than Meets the Eye’ (87154)
November 10, 2016
The Ronneberg Fund welcomes University of Tennessee-Knoxville professor Jessica Budke presenting "Moss Morphology: More Than Meets the Eye."
‘Us Versus Them: Carbohydrates as Microbial IDs’ (66999)
September 29, 2016
The Ronneberg Lecture Series welcomes Dr. Laura L. Kiessling, professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
February 19, 2016
Henry Segerman presents talk titled "How to make sculptures of four-dimensional things."


'Pediatric Psychology: Research & Practice' (40558)
April 2, 2015
The Department of Psychology welcomes Dr. Catherine Butz presenting "Pediatric Psychology: Research & Practice."


Genetic counseling (38777)
March 10, 2014
The Ronneberg Lecture welcomes Kristy Crooks presenting "Cool Careers and Even Cooler Science in Clinical Genetics."


October 29, 2013
The Ronneberg Lecture Series welcomes Brent Iverson, undergraduate dean of College at the University of Texas, Austin and professor of chemistry and biochemistry.