March 2017 27

  • Monday
    7:30 PM
    ‘Sustainable Energy for Rural and Developing Communities’
    ‘Sustainable Energy for Rural and Developing Communities’

    The Global Studies Seminar welcomes Ahmed Soliman, visiting assistant professor of environmental studies at Denison, presenting “Sustainable Energy for Rural and Developing Communities.”

    With the increasing population and demand for energy in rural and developing communities, governments, scientists and engineers face two options to meet the rising demand: 1- the “traditional” route using fossil energy, or 2- the “sustainable” route using alternative energy. This talk will present the pros and cons of the different energy options as well as address the health and environmental impact associated with the energy and lighting systems currently used in these communities. The different sustainable energy technologies will also be presented, such as: passive, solar, biowaste and micro-powder combustion systems that can be used to improve lives and the standard of living in rural and developing areas.

    Denison University’s Global Studies Seminars are interdisciplinary intellectual forums to discuss and debate academic and policy issues of global importance.

    Address: Slayter Hall, Shepardson College Room, Denison University, 200 Ridge Road, Granville, OH 43023
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    Event Contact: Fadhel Kaboub, 740-587-6315