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Faculty Experts

Contacts for the Media

Gary Baker
bakerg@denison.edu, 740.587.6213
Post-WWII German Culture, Immigration and Assimilation in Europe,
German Language and Literature

Sue Davis
daviss@denison.edu, 740.587.6500
Russia, the Caucasus, terrorism, ethnic conflict, energy politics

Paul Djupe
djupe@denison.edu, 740.587.6310
U.S. religion and politics, public opinion, political participation, interest groups, religion and the environment, and social networks

Steve Doty
doty@denison.edu, 740.587.5796
Astronomy, physics, star and planet formation, physics behind everyday phenomena

Fadhel Kaboub
kaboubf@denison.edu, 740.587.6315
Unemployment, economic inequality, financial institutions, public policy, Middle East and North Africa

Jeremy King
kingje@denison.edu, 740.587.8680
Campus sustainability, climate commitment, Peace Corps, recycling

Erik Klemetti
klemettie@denison.edu, 740.587.5788
Volcanoes, volcanic eruptions, continental crust, timescales/ages in geology