List of Residence Halls

Building Information
List of Residence Halls
East Quad Housing
Residence Hall Occupancy Designation (all residence halls are coeducational unless noted)
Beaver 81 Co-ed starting in 2013-2014
Crawford 293 Break Housing
East 122 Upperclassmen
Gilpatrick 10 Undergraduate Research
(by application through the Gilpatrick Center)
Huffman 75 Substance-Free
Sawyer 82 Co-ed starting in 2013-2014
Shaw 100 Quiet
Shepardson 126 Break Housing
West Quad Housing
Curtis East 86 First-Year Students; Substance-Free; Break Housing
Curtis West 83 First-Year Students; Quiet; Break Housing
Shorney 253 First-Year Students Only
Smith 118 First-Year Students Only; Break Housing
North Quad Housing
Schaff 25 Language and Culture Program (application only)
Beta 29 First-Year Students; Substance-Free
Brown Hall 54 Senior Co-ed Apartments
Chamberlin 56 Seniors Only
Elm-Lower 28 Senior Co-ed Apartments
Elm-Upper 28 Senior Apartments; Substance-Free
Hayes 28 Senior Co-ed Apartments
Kappa Sigma 34 First-Year Students
Monomoy Satellite 6 All-Male; Substance-Free; Senior Housing
Morrow House 37 First-Year Students; Service Learning Program
Moshier Huchison House 32 No Special Designation
Myers Hall, and Good Hall 54; 52 Senior Co-ed Apartments
Pratt Hall 54 Quiet
Preston House 35 First-Year Students; Quiet
Sunset House 22 No Special Designation
Taylor House 26 3.25 GPA REQUIRED (1 exception per unit); Apartments & Suites
Wright 28 Senior Co-ed Apartments
South Quad Housing
King Hall 36 No Special Designation
Stone 60 Senior Apartments
Satellite Quad Housing
Bancroft Satellite 6 All-Female; Substance-Free; Senior Housing
Homestead 12 Alternative Living (by application)

* Housing Designations (subject to change)