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Residential Life

Dorm Interior

The Office of Residential Education and Housing is dedicated to providing an environment for students that supports and enhances the academic mission of the university.

The goal is to offer a standard of living that is conducive to communities in which the following values are shared and celebrated: dignity, equity, integrity, communication, learning, and personal wellness. A healthy living environment where students will learn about themselves and one another is promoted.

Residential Life seeks to advance the academic mission of Denison University by providing programs and services to the campus community that encourage intellectual curiosity, challenge personal values, celebrate individual differences and promote civic responsibility.

Residential Life Values

  • The inherent worth of individuals is respected; students and staff will treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • Equity is a core value of the Office of Campus & Residential Life; students and staff will interact with others in a manner that is fair and just.
  • Integrity is essential to establishing trust across the community; students and staff will be models of engaged citizenship which calls others to be personally accountable for their actions.
  • Communication is marked by the values espoused by the institutional and divisional missions; students and staff will be clear, appropriate, and direct in their interactions with others.
  • Individual growth, development, and learning are fundamental; students and staff will create a welcoming, safe environment that is conducive to the educational mission of Denison University.
  • Personal wellness is an inherent right of all individuals; students and staff will respect the emotional, spiritual, mental, academic, and physical well being of self and others.
  • Meaningful leisure activities are a fundamental aspect of learning; students and staff will be encouraged to seek opportunities for recreation and fun

The department of Housing adheres to Campus Compact.