Post-Graduate Fellowships


Fulbright Award Winners

Many graduates embark on their careers by obtaining a post-graduate fellowship. Postgraduate fellowships fund a full-time (usually short-term lasting from a few months to several years) mentored experience in an organization with a mission to serve the public good.

The Director of Post-Graduate Fellowships assists students in identifying and applying for appropriate national and international scholarships at the graduate level. Denison is proud of its many students and alumni who have won such awards.

To inform students about this service, the Post-Graduate Fellowship Director sponsors information sessions, proposal writing workshops, and curriculum vitae assistance throughout the year. While some awards have a GPA requirement, many do not, and the College encourages all interested students to attend these sessions.

Application Process

The Lisska Center for Scholarly Engagement oversees the application process and in most cases even submits the application on behalf of the student and the institution. We also provide detailed, one-on-one assistance to students, including advice about applying and feedback on their application essays in addition to running workshops that help students identify their goals and appropriate fellowships to target.

We arrange on-campus interviews where necessary and coordinate the collection and submission of supporting materials (e.g., letters of recommendation).

  • Fulbright – English teaching and full research-study grants
  • Elite UK grants (Rhodes, Gates, Marshall, Mitchell)
  • Boren, Gilman, and Critical Language Scholarship – both undergrad and post-grad for foreign study, especially of a foreign language
  • DAAD – undergrad and post-grad science research in Germany
  • NSF, Truman fellowships for graduate study


⇒ For more information on post-graduate fellowships, please visit: MyDenison » Campus Resources » The Lisska Center for Scholarly Engagement

If you have any questions, please contact the Director of the Lisska Center for Scholarly Engagement.