Image of Richard G. Lugar

The Richard G. Lugar Program in Politics and Public Service is named in honor of Senator Richard G. Lugar (R.-Ind.) whose career as a Rhodes Scholar and public servant is a model of academic excellence and accomplishment for the public good. 

Where We Go
Denison Seminar

The new Denison Seminars offer exciting opportunities to explore multiple viewpoints and approaches—some even include study abroad.

Alumni Spotlight
The Power of ‘And’

A TEDx talk from political science major David Howitt ’90 on the power of bringing heart to the entrepreneurial spirit.

Faculty Spotlight
Paul Djupe

For his new book, “God Talk,” Paul Djupe researched nuanced political messaging to religious audiences.

International intrigue

It’s not every day that U.S. college students have to fully imagine themselves as citizens of another nation—say, Pakistan, for example. But that’s exactly how one Denison political science class spent part of their Thanksgiving break.