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lucidity of expression and reasoning

Denison has a small but excellent Classics department which offers Latin and Greek courses of unusual breadth and depth. Students also have opportunities to participate in an on-campus classics organization, Ludus , as well as the national Honorary Society in Classics, Eta Sigma Phi. An undergraduate classics journal, Ephemeris, is also sponsored by the Department on Classics. The study of Classics entails an education in the languages, literature, history and culture of ancient Greece and Rome. It encompasses all that is best in a liberal arts education:

  • The study of classical philology fosters a lucidity of expression and reasoning
  • The study of the artistic, intellectual, and political achievements of classical antiquity inspires creativity, critical inquiry, and ethical behavior.

It provides an opportunity for the student:

  • To acquire competence in the classical languages
  • To develop a critical perspective on classical literature
  • To study the history and culture of ancient Greece and Rome
What do greek majors do after Denison?

Graduates in classics from Denison have gone on to successful careers in medicine, law, education, government and business, as well as pursuing graduate study. Student acceptance rates for law school among Classics majors nationwide is extremely high.