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Jessica Merrills ’15 dancing in Telluride

Jessica Merrills ’15 is performing and teaching in a real, old-fashioned dance hall in Telluride this summer.

This summer, Jessica Merrills ’15 is headed to the old west to kick up her heels in the Sheridan Opera House, in Telluride, Colo.

The dance major from Chicago is interning there with the Sheridan Arts Foundation, working with children and adults, and performing on the old stage, at the Opera House circa 1913.

The Sheridan Opera House was built by J.A. Segerberg as a vaudeville theater and cultural center, attracting variety shows, orchestras and touring theater companies. Merrills' internship is part of their mission to preserve the historic building as a cultural resource, bring quality arts and cultural events to Telluride and provide local and national youth with access and exposure to the arts.

Posted Date 
Thursday, June 5, 2014