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Ashwin Lall has papers accepted to conferences

Ashwin Lall, assistant professor of computer science, had four papers accepted to conferences.

This past May, Ashwin Lall and two collaborators, Bejamin Van Durme of Johns Hopkins and Miles Osborne of the University of Edinburgh had their paper “Exponential Reservoir Sampling for Streaming Language Models” accepted to the Association for Computational Linguistics conference. Their paper seeks to demonstrate the way in which, by using a randomized algorithm called Exponential Reserve Sampling, rapidly changing textual streams such as Twitter can be modeled in fixed space. In March of this year, Lall and five other collaborators had a paper, “Error Estimating Codes for Insertion and Deletion Channels,” accepted to the SIGMETRICS 2014 conference.

In 2012, Lall and two summer research students, Yuting Chen ’14 and Edward Takahashi ’14 had two papers accepted at the Midstates Conference for Undergraduate Research in Computer Science and Mathematics. One of the papers, “Sketch Guided Sampling for Measuring Network Traffic Statistics,” proposed and tested the use of sketch-guided sampling in detecting anomalies in network traffic. The other paper, “Divergence in Network Traffic,” offers three different approaches to estimate four different divergences in the streaming algorithm model.

Posted Date 
Thursday, August 21, 2014