Student Spotlight

Those extracurricular activities may be the key to landing a great job.

Where We Go
Marketing Master, Chris Franco

Chris Franco’s new-music blog went viral and kick-started an innovative career in marketing.

Gettysburg group picture

The class took a 36 hour “whirlwind tour” given by Bill Arrington of Gettysburg National Military Park and the Gettysburg area, where they walked the battlegrounds and saw the site where Lincoln delivered his famous address. Kate Ellicott ’ 15 described the importance of visiting Gettysburg at this point in the semester: “Going to Gettysburg made the texts that we read in class, a reality.

Faculty Spotlight
Dr. Lipari

The Communication department at Denison utilizes the concept of “Communication as constitutive” to guide studies and thoughts, because we believe that through communication, we create the society in which we live.

Student Spotlight
Gianna Maiorino

While most students were away during this past summer, Gianna Maiorino and other summer scholars spent their summers researching and working on campus. Along with her advisor, Dr. Laura Russell, Maiorino studied kindness.