Ephemeris, the Classical Journal of Denison University, is published once a year and seeks to offer an opportunity for those interested in classical studies to publish their work in an undergraduate forum. It promotes the coming together of history, literature, philosophy, religion, art, architecture and creative works inspired by the classics.

Alumni Spotlight
Karyn Greene ’12

Karyn Greene ’12 is taking her love of classics to the Boston Teacher Residence Program.

Faculty Spotlight
Tim Hofmeister

Denison professor Tim Hofmeister just published his second book of crime fiction, opening readers’ eyes to the issues of Greece through a new channel.

Faculty Spotlight
Immigrant Women in Athens

Professor Kennedy's teaching and research interests cover the history and culture of ancient Greece, especially focusing on issues of ethnicity and citizenship.

Where We Go
Allison Cartmell Emmerso

Maybe all roads don’t lead to Rome. But this one led to a brilliant career in archaeology and to an ancient dig site in Pompeii.