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PHED-100 Introductory Topics in Physical Education
A general category used only in the evaluation of transfer credit.
PHED-103 Basic Football for Beginners
An introduction to the techiniques and rules required for participation in the sport of football. Offered 2nd quarter, fall semester. .5 credits hours
PHED-105 Learn to Swim and Dive
PHED-106 Learn to Swim and Dive
This class is designed for the student who wants to learn, firsthand, the benefits and methods of aquatic conditioning. After completing this course, the participant will have the knowledge necessary to organize a personal conditioning program for lifetime fitness. The student should have a basic skill level in swimming.
PHED-120 Golf
For players on every level. An introduction to the techniques and rules required for participation in the sport of golf. (Offered first quarter, fall semester)
PHED-131 Racquet Sport
This class will involve the three sports of tennis, racquetball and squash. The primary focus will be on tennis for the first half of the semester, and then racquetball and squash for the second half. During an inclement weather day, the outdoor tennis instruction may be changed to indoor squash or racquetball. (Offered fall semester)
PHED-133 Badminton
Learn, understand and execute the rules and techniques of Badminton. (Offered fall and spring semester)
PHED-151 Soccer
For players on every level. Students will learn basic skills, rules and strategy and apply them during game situations. (Offered spring semester)
PHED-152 Co-Ed Volleyball
This course introduces students to the fundamentals of the game of power volleyball and strives to promote basic skill development, team play and strategy of the sport. Offered fourth quarter.
PHED-154 Basketball
For players on every level. Students will learn the basic skills, rules and strategy and apply them during game situations. (Offered spring semester)
PHED-158 Floor Hockey
Students will learn the basic skills, rules and strategy, and apply them in game situations. No previous experience necessary.
PHED-159 Speed and Agility Training
This course is intended for any intercollegiate, intramural, or recreational athlete interested in increasing athletic performance and decreasing the chance of injury through an integrated performance enhancement training system. The course will address four major areas to improve athletic speed and agility including but not limited to: general physical preparedness and work capacity, core stabilization and extremity proprioception, muscular force production, and neurological/biomechanical efficiency. At the conclusion of the course, the student should be able to give examples of and effectively perform the following activities: dynamic flexibility; warm-up routine; rapid, short, and long response drills for vertical, linear, lateral, and multi-planar movements; upper and lower body plyometric and ballistic movements; linear, lateral, change of direction; and acceleration speed enhancement drills; and static proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching. (Offered fall and spring semesters)
PHED-160 Lifetime Fitness
This course will provide the students with exposure to various means by which to become aerobically fit. Some examples include taebo, Windsor Pilates, and aerobics. Aerobic exercise and aerobic fitness, as well as nutrition and basic health and fitness concepts will also be introduced as they relate to "Lifetime Fitness." (Offered fall and spring semesters)
PHED-161 Strength Training
Students will learn and practice the principles of progressive resistance exercise, with an emphasis on safety factors; warm-up and stretching; selection of exercises and equipment; and the variation of sets and repetitions performed. Nutrition as it relates to strength training will also be covered. (Offered fall and spring semesters)
PHED-162 Self-Defense for Women
This course is for women to learn basic self-defense techniques to prevent sexual assault. We will discuss and practice strategies that can be used in a variety of self-defense situations, including street and job harassment, date-rape, and stranger assault, fighting from the ground, defending yourself with or against a weapon, and defense against multiple attackers. Students will learn to combine mental, verbal and physical self-defense techniques in their personal lives. (Offered spring semester)
PHED-166 Introduction to Taekwondo
This is a basic level self-defense course in which students will learn the fundamental kicking and punching skills of Taekwondo. A large portion of the class will involve conditioning. Fee: $45.00 for equipment. (Offered fall semester)
PHED-168 Strength Training for Athletic Performance
This course is designed to accommodate experienced lifters with the desire to learn and apply advanced training methodologies. Students will be able to apply a variety of effective resistance training principles to their personal strength training program. The student will become efficient at predominantly free weight and bodyweight exercises including Olympic style weightlifting, traditional power lifting, and strongman event type training. This course is intended for any intercollegiate, intramural or recreational athlete interested in increasing athletic performance and decreasing the chance of injury through an integrated performance enhancement training system. The first objective is to increase the student's chances of having success on the field or court. (Offered fall and spring semesters)
PHED-171 Run for Your Life
This class is designed for the student who wants to prepare for an endurance race. Students learn how to train properly and effectively. Topics covered during the course are: equipment, hydration, stretching, cross-training, speedwork and injury prevention. After completing this course the participant will have the opportunity to run in a 5K, 10K or half marathon. (Offered fall and spring)
PHED-172 First Aid and CPR
It is expected that students will master the techniques and skills that are associated with the primary and secondary injury survey, immediate care, basic life support, and injury stabilization. Students who master the standards will receive American Red Cross certification in first aid and CPR. Students who expect to major in athletic training must complete the CPR for the professional rescuer prior to the conclusion of their first-year. (Offered fall and spring semesters)
PHED-174 Recreational Sports
For players on every level. Students will learn and practice the basic skills, rules and strategies of a variety of indoor/outdoor sports. (Offered spring semester)
PHED-175 Introduction to Yoga
This course is designed for students who are interested in deepening their understanding of the science of yoga. Lecture and discussion will include the history, philosophy and practice of classical yoga and its overall health benefits. In-class postures, breathing and relaxation techniques will be explored in order to provide a personal experience of this ancient healing practice. (Offered fall semester)
PHED-179 Varsity Cross Country (Women's)
PHED-180 Varsity Baseball (Men)
PHED-181 Varsity Basketball (Men)
PHED-182 Varsity Cross Country (Men)
PHED-183 Varsity Football (Men)
PHED-184 Varsity Golf (Men)
PHED-185 Varsity Lacrosse (Men)
PHED-186 Varsity Soccer (Men)
PHED-187 Varsity Swimming & Diving (Men)
PHED-188 Varsity Tennis (Men)
PHED-189 Varsity Indoor/Outdoor Track (Men)
PHED-190 Varsity Basketball (Women)
PHED-191 Varsity Softball (Women)
PHED-192 Varsity Field Hockey
PHED-193 Varsity Lacrosse (Women)
PHED-194 Varsity Swimming and Diving (Women)
PHED-195 Varsity Tennis (Women)
PHED-196 Varsity Indoor/Outdoor Track (Women's)
PHED-197 Varsity Volleyball (Women)
PHED-198 Varsity Soccer (Women)
PHED-199 Varsity Golf (Women)
PHED-201 Red Cross Lifeguard Training
This course is designed to certify students in CPR-PR, first aid and American Red Cross Lifeguard Training. Certification may qualify students for employment as a lifeguard at pools and camps. (Offered spring semester)
PHED-202 Water Safety Instructor
The purpose of this course is to train instructor candidates to teach water safety, including the Basic Water Rescue and Personal Water Safety courses, six levels of Learn-to-Swim, three levels of Preschool Aquatics and two levels of Parent and Child Aquatics. Prerequisites for the course include: the candidate must be 16 years of age and be able to swim at least 300 yards demonstrating three of the following six swimming strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, sidestroke and/or elementary backstroke. Students will learn strategies for teaching basic swimming skills, as well as learn to effectively plan, manage and teach safe swimming lessons. The course includes a 16-hour field experience teaching swimming lessons to faculty and staff children. Successful completion of the course will lead to American Red Cross Certification in Water Safety Instructor.(Offered spring semester)
PHED-203 Skin and Scuba Diving
Successful completion of this course will lead to international certification as a PADI Open Water Diver. Students must furnish mask, fins and snorkel which can be rented or purchased from Discover Diving. Prerequisites: Above average swimming skill (200 yard swim and 10 minute tread water), good physical condition, no Asthma and free of chronic sinus or ear conditions. Fee: $235, which includes text, diving tables, diving log and use of scuba equipment. Offered spring semester
PHED-204 Applied Anatomy
An in-depth study of the organization and function of anatomical structures within the human body. Topics include: skin, connective tissue, nervous, musculature, skeletal, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine, and urinary systems. Students who expect to major in athletic training must complete this course prior to the conclusion of their first-year. (Offered spring semester)
PHED-299 Intermediate Topics in Physical Education
A general category used only in the evaluation of transfer credit.
PHED-315 Principles of Strength Training and Condition
This course will explore the scientific principles, concepts and theories of strength training and conditioning. The student will study the principles founded in the exercise sciences and examine how they can best be applied in designing effective and safe strength and conditioning programs. (Offered spring semester)
PHED-320 Women in Sport
This course is designed to give students a comprehensive look at women in sport: past, present and future. This course will examine, analyze and synthesize the issues surrounding women. Each topic will be studied through readings, films, class discussions and reflect sport from historical, psychological, sociological, physiological, political and philosophical perspectives. This course satisfies the G.E. Minority/Women's and Gender Studies requirement. Cross-listed with WGST 320.
PHED-325 Psychology of Sport
This course will explore the theoretical and empirical research pertaining to the psychological determinants of athletic performance. Areas of interest include the history of sport psychology, personality, motivation, goal setting, fundamental beliefs, anxiety, causal attribution, communication and intra-term dynamics. The culminating experience of the course is a major paper in which students are expected to apply theory and research into a practical setting as they design a program to help improve some aspect of their athletic performance or promote an injured athlete's psychological well being during rehabilitation. Class includes a lab designed to be a setting in which students gain field experience through the practical application of the theories of sport psychology. Fulfills G.E. Social Science. (Offered fall semester)
PHED-328 Contemporary Issues in Physical Education, Health and Sports
This course is designed to provide students with an overview of the major issues in the world of contemporary sports. Most primary issues impacting contemporary sports are covered including gender inequity, race and ethnicity, youth, adolescent, college, and professional sports, media involvement, economics of sport, etc. (Offered fall or spring semester)
PHED-340 Basic Athletic Training
This course is designed to present introductory material that pertains to the study of athletic training. Material presented during lecture and laboratory experiences include: organization of the athletic training profession, functions of and interactions between medical and allied health professions, medical terminology, common medical conditions, principles of fitness, and methods by which athletic injuries are stabilized using tape and braces. Laboratories involve the teaching, demonstration, and mastery of taping, bracing, and splint construction. This class must be completed prior to the completion of the student's first-year if the student desires to major in athletic training. Three class periods and one laboratory weekly. (Offered fall semester)
PHED-344 Personal and Community Health
A study of the biological, psychological, and sociological data underlying a full spectrum of health related behaviors. A variety of topics including physical health, sexual habits and health, drug and alcohol use and family dynamics will be covered. In addition, students will complete a number of self-assessments with respect to their related behaviors. (Offered fall semester)
PHED-345 Nutrition
This course is designed to present the foundation of nutrition as it relates to physical education, athletics and the active population. The student will study the physiological processes involved in nutrition, as well as healthy eating habits, nutritional programming, and the disorders involved in the nutritional realm. Prerequisite: PHED 344, Personal and Community Health. (Offered spring semester)
PHED-350 Physical Education Practicum
This course provides the opportunity to gain practical experience working in various professional settings in the field of Physical Education. This course is graded S/U. Students will meet with a faculty member from the Department of Physical Education who will become the practicum instructor. If students plan to complete the practicum with an outside agency, it is recommended that arrangements be made in regard to field placement site prior to final registration. For details regarding this procedure, see the course instructor prior to pre-registration. Consent of the instructor is required for enrollment. Practicums may involve field experience which may be arranged in coaching, teaching, sports management, sports administration, etc. Athletic Training I (offered fall), Athletic Training II (offered spring), Athletic Training III (offered fall), Athletic Training IV (offered spring), Athletic Training V (offered fall), Athletic Training VI (offered spring).
PHED-361 Directed Study
PHED-362 Directed Study
PHED-363 Independent Study
PHED-364 Independent Study
PHED-375 Coaching Methods
This course will introduce students to the art and science of coaching. Students will explore different coaching philosophies and the principles of effective coaching. Coaching student athletes of different race and gender will also be explored. Proper communication skills, sport pedagogy and sport physiology will also be presented. Students will read about different coaches that are leaders in their sport, and compare their methods to coaching. Students will discuss motivational strategies and current issues and trends in coaching athletes of all ages. (Offered fall or spring semester)
PHED-420 Therapeutic Modalities in Athletic Training
This lecture/laboratory course is designed to present the foundation of therapeutic modalities that are common to the area of injury/illness rehabilitation. Among the topics included in lecture and laboratory experiences are: biologic process of wound healing, thermal agents, cryotherapy, hydrotherapy, ultrasound, therapeutic drugs, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. This course includes one laboratory session each week during which students will demonstrate the therapeutic techniques discussed in lecture. Fulfills R requirement/Oral Communication. Prerequisite: PHED 204 (Offered fall semester)
PHED-421 Therapeutic Exercise in Athletic Training
This lecture/laboratory course is designed to present the foundation of therapeutic exercises that are common to the area of injury rehabilitation. Among the topics included in lecture and laboratory experiences are: range of motion, resistance exercise, stretching, joint mobilization, and neuromuscular control. This course includes one laboratory session each week during which students will demonstrate the therapeutic techniques discussed in lecture. (Offered spring semester)
PHED-429 History and Philosophy of Physical Education, Health and Sport
This course will examine the historical foundations of physical education, health and athletics through a study of the development of each area from early cultures to the present. Students will be introduced to the different philosophical theories that have influenced the profession and will start to develop their own philosophy. Students will discuss moral reasoning and ways to develop principles that will help preserve ethical values in sport. The psychological, sociological and cultural aspects of sport will be reviewed with an emphasis on the principles and ideas of the leaders who helped shape the profession. Fulfills G.E. Social Science. (Offered as an FYS 102 on even years)
PHED-430 Organization and Administration of Athletics and Physical Education
Students will study the administration of athletics, physical education and club/intramural sports. Students will be introduced to the various means of structuring an organization in order to achieve the objectives of physical education and athletics. The course will cover budget and various management functions, as well as the essential elements of leadership needed for the efficient administration of sport related programs. (Offered spring semester)
PHED-435 Athletic Training Administration
Material is presented within this class that pertains to the knowledge associated with the administration of health care settings. Topics included within this course are: medical planning, injury risk reduction, and health insurance. Additional topics include: facility planning, employment and common budgeting practices. (Offered spring semester)
PHED-438 Exercise Physiology
The primary purpose of this course is to study the effects of physical activity on human physiology. Various forms of exercise will be considered relative to both their immediate and long-range effects. Topics include history; stress and general adaptation syndrome; stress in relation to exercise and the endocrine system; motor activity; skeletal muscle structure and function; energy metabolism and recovery; and principles of conditioning and the training effects. (Offered fall semester)
PHED-439 Kinesiology
This course is a study of the anatomical and mechanical fundamentals of human motion. The course will examine various joint systems in the body with an emphasis on the forces and biomechanical factors that operate on the muscles, connective tissue and bones in each joint system. Sports specific movements and injury risk factors will also be discussed. Prerequisite: PHED 204. (Offered spring semester)
PHED-441 Orthopedic Injury and Illness Assessment
This lecture/laboratory course provides an opportunity for students to comprehend and master the techniques by which orthopedic injuries and common illnesses are evaluated by health care professionals. Each week students are presented with one laboratory session in which the evaluative techniques discussed during lecture are demonstrated and mastered. Prerequisite: PHED 204. (Offered fall semester)
PHED-451 Senior Research
PHED-452 Senior Research