Red Bud
Red Bud bark
Red Bud leaf
Red Bud plaque
Red Bud
Recognition Features 

Broad, simple, alternating, heart shaped leaves. Smooth dark brown to gray bark.

Historical Notes 

Redbud is sometimes referred to as Judastree, because it was believed that Judas Iscariot hanged himself on a branch of this tree. Redbud's showy red flowers come out before the leaves. In the fall, this tree becomes distinctive because its leaves turn bright yellow. The bark of this tree has been used to treat dysentery. The flowers can be put into salads or fried. Various animals eat the seeds, and bees use the nectar to produce honey (Peattie 1964).

Scientific Name 
Cercis canadensis
Scientific Family 
Common Family 
Denison Tree ID 
West of clock, with memorial marker