American Elm
American Elm bark
American Elm leaf
American Elm plaque
American Elm
Recognition Features 

Vase-shaped growth form. Leaves simple, doubly serrate margins. Bark light-medium gray, fissures interlacing. The American elm can be distinguished from its sister red elm, by many vegetative characteristics.  Red elm bark is red-brown, whereas American elm bark has layered light and dark brown colors.  The leaves and twigs of American elm are not as rough as those of the red elm, and the fruit of American elm is more elliptical than the round samaras of red elm (Braun 1961).

Historical Notes 

This particular elm is a Valley Forge cultivar which has been grown to be somewhat resistant to Dutch Elm Disease.

Scientific Name 
Ulmus americana
Scientific Family 
Common Family 
Elm Family
Denison Tree ID 
In front of Doane, by the right corner