Tree Campus USA
Tree Name/ID
Location: Front of Observatory
American Beech DUARB-107
Left of main walk leading to South Quad
American Elm DUARB-649
In front of Doane, by the right corner
To the left of the front door to Ebaugh
Black Gum DUARB-101
Between Doane and Fellows, north of pathway
Black Walnut DUARB-26
Road up from Shaw
Blue Spruce DUARB-46
SW corner of Swasey, just off path
Front left of library entrance
Chapel Walk by Gilpatrick
Bench area in front of Doane
English Oak DUARB-49
South side of Smith Hall
Fringe Tree DUARB-642
Northwest corner of Doane, by bench
Ginkgo DUARB-253
West side of Shorney
Hackberry DUARB-777
Presidents’ Drive near sidewalk leading to Swasey Chapel.
Honey Locust DUARB-645
Front of Shaw
Horse Chestnut DUARB-640
Across brick walk from Beth Eden
NE Corner of Fellows Hall
East of Barney Davis and Fellows
SE side of Beth Eden
Norway Spruce DUARB-30
East side of Gilpatrick
Ohio Buckeye DUARB-700
South of Chapel Walk, near Beth Eden
Osage Orange DUARB-24
Walk from Huffman
Paper Birch DUARB-90
Southeast corner of Fellows
Pin Oak DUARB-56
Front of Doane between pathways
Red Bud DUARB-641
West of clock, with memorial marker
Red Maple DUARB-97
Off of East side of Fellows
River Birch DUARB-81
West entrance of Talbot
Sassafras DUARB-707
East of Fellows Hall
SE corner of Beth Eden
Scarlet Oak DUARB-775
Between Slayter Hall and Knapp Hall on A-Quad
Walk from Huffman
SW corner of observatory
In front of Preston House – Phi Delta Theta
Sweetgum DUARB-28
East side of Gilpatrick
Tulip Tree DUARB-59
Southeast side of Doane
White Ash DUARB-3
Near Beth Eden
White Oak DUARB-178
South side of Smith Hall
White Pine DUARB-53
NE corner of Beth Eden
Willow Oak DUARB-43
West side of Swasey
Below chapel walk on the east side of the steps.
Below chapel walk on the west side of the steps.
Witch-hazel DUARB-647
By North side of library in front of Ebaugh
Denison Campus Trees