Library Floor Guide

Locating Materials

Location of Books by Call Number

Location of Books by Call Number
Call numbers: Floor #:
A - F 4
G - N 3
M (musical scores) Presidents Room (1st Floor)
ML Music Reading Room (3rd Floor)
Oversized N Fine Arts Reading Room (3rd Floor)
P 2
Q - Z Level B

Location by Material Type

Location by Material Type
Archives Ask at Circulation Desk
Government Documents 1st Floor (Main floor)
Honors Projects Ask at Circulation Desk
Microforms Level B
Periodicals Level A
Reference Books 1st Floor (Main Floor)
Sound Recordings 1st Floor (Main Floor)
Videos Level A

Location of Oversized Books

Location of Oversized Books
Call numbers: Floor #:
A - F 4 A/B
G - M (except scores) 3 A/B
N Fine Arts Reading Room (3rd Floor)
P 2 A/B
Q - Z Level B (B)

Location of Items by Floor

Location of Items by Floor
Level B Section A: Q - QE 645
Section B: QE 651 - R 489
Section C: R 505 - Z
Level A Atrium Current Periodicals, alphabetized by title
Bound/Single Issue Periodicals
Level A Stacks Back issues of Periodicals in call number order
begin in Atrium & continue into stacks area
1st Floor (Main Floor) Services: Circulation, Interlibrary Loan, Reference,
Reserves,Library Offices
Presidents' Room (Musical Scores)
Section A: Audio Collection
(ask at Circulation Desk)
Sections B, C: Government Documents
2nd Floor Section A: P - PN 4121
Section B: PN 4129 - PR 3533
Section C: PR 3534 - PZ
3rd Floor Section A: G - HC 502
Section B: HC 503 - HQ 1870
Section C: HQ 1904 - N
Music Reading Room: ML 1 - ML 3655
Fine Arts Reading Room: Oversized (folio) N
4th Floor Section A: A - BL 2530
Section B: BL 2532 - DC 271
Section C: DC 272 - F