Denison On the Road

Admissions Representative State/Territory

Denison travels throughout the country looking for talented students. As the Admissions Staff confirms travel locations, a listing of high schools, college fairs, and off-campus receptions will be made available here.

Alaska - Chris Cowie
Arizona - Chris Cowie
California - Chris Cowie
Connecticut - Alison Slater
District Of Columbia - Ryan Motevalli-Oliner
Hawaii - Chris Cowie
Home School - Ryan Motevalli-Oliner
Idaho - Chris Cowie
Illinois (Chicago) - Jesse Leary Yeager '10
International - Sarah Leavell
Kansas - Nancy Gibson
Massachusetts - Alison Slater
Michigan - Nancy Gibson
Montana - Chris Cowie
Nebraska - Nancy Gibson
Nevada - Chris Cowie
New Hampshire - Alison Slater
North Dakota - Nancy Gibson
Ohio (Akron, Canton, Youngstown) - Ann Marie McIntyre '97
Ohio (Ashland, Lorain, Marion) - Ann Marie McIntyre '97
Ohio (Dayton, Springfield) - Nancy Gibson
Ohio (Franklin County) - Jesse Leary Yeager '10
Ohio (Zanesville, Chillicothe) - Ann Marie McIntyre '97
Oregon - Chris Cowie
Pennsylvania - Alison Slater
Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands - Jesse Leary Yeager '10
Rhode Island - Alison Slater
South Dakota - Nancy Gibson
Vermont - Alison Slater
Virginia - Chris Cowie
Washington - Chris Cowie
West Virginia - Ryan Motevalli-Oliner
Wyoming - Chris Cowie