Reynolds Writing Workshop

The Reynolds Young Writers Workshop at Denison University is an inspiring place for high school students who love to write.

Featured in TheDEN

The Reynolds Young Writers Workshop took place last week, and this year’s group had a special guest—a student who traveled more than 8,000 miles to be here.

Featured in TheDEN
Jonathan R. Reynolds Young Writers Workshop

As students work this week at the annual Jonathan R. Reynolds Young Writers Workshop, we take a look at the career of the writer who brought it to life.

Suzuki Program

A program in which positive musical learning partnerships are created among faculty, students, and their parents/practice partners so that children can grow into loving and respectful individuals who will have a positive effect on their world.

Brain Bee

A Brain Bee is a spelling-bee-like contest in which high school students win prizes (for themselves and for charity) by answering questions about their brains.