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A Temporary Virtual Home…

Welcome to Arts@Denison 2.0v.6 - a new virtual home for the arts. Until we can be together physically, we hope these weekly greetings, profiles, and performances will keep us connected through the fine arts. We continue to celebrate the artistry of our students, faculty, staff, alums, and visiting artists. They demonstrate the love, resilience, and creativity of Denison-connected artists and the power of the arts and our artists.  Stay tuned weekly as we continue to celebrate all the submissions. And thank you so much for everything you’ve submitted - the response has been amazing! You can continue submissions by sending an email to Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more arts from our Denison community. 

Harrison and Nicholas DeChant ‘20 perform Ohio

Of the many events that were planned to wrap up a wonderful four years at Denison, one was a Senior Vocal Recital. Ohio from Wonderful Town, would have opened up the second act of Harrison and Nicholas’ recital. 

Harrison and Nicholas, double-majoring in Political Science and German with a minor in vocal performance, thank Studio Instructor Kevin Wines, who has “been a truly wonderful mentor and teacher in these last four years. The Denison Arts community has given us so much encouragement and support during our time on the Hill.” They added, “We’re the hams we always wanted to be now! Thank you, Kevin!”

Griffin Jeanette ‘20 performs Passacaglia by Handel-Halversen

Math and Computer Science double major, senior Griffin Jeanette, performs this duet with his brother, Liam, called Passacaglia by Handel-Halversen. “We have been playing together for a long time,” Griffins shares, “but always on our own with no formal instruction. So for my senior recital, we decided it would be cool to play a duet together and be coached by my cello teacher, Dr. Kuyvenhoven.” 

Clarinet Ensemble,
To Denison

Members of the Denison University Clarinet Ensemble present a virtual performance of Denison’s alma mater “To Denison” in honor of graduation. 

  • Quinn Heinrich ‘21
  • Angelica Jang ‘21
  • Katie Masell ‘21
  • Drew Nederveld ‘22
  • Quinn Plaga ‘21
  • Anika Schwingel ‘22
  • Wesley Zhang ‘23
  • Dr. Christopher Westover-Munoz
  • Dr. Evan Lynch, Director

Looking Back / Moving Forward: 2020 Denison Studio Art Senior Exhibition

It is our inward journey that leads us through time – forward or back, seldom in a straight line, most often spiraling. Each of us is moving, changing, with respect to others. As we discover, we remember; remembering, we discover; and most intensely do we experience this when our separate journeys converge. Our living experience at those meeting points is one of the charged dramatic fields of fiction.
― Eudora Welty

Denison Studio Art Program is proud to debut Looking Back / Moving Forward: 2020 Denison Studio Art Senior Exhibition. Adapting to the unique challenges of exhibiting artwork as artists around the world find themselves, the nine graduating studio art seniors present their capstone work virtually on this website that includes all their individual works and group projects, including an exhibition catalog, artist videos, artist books and links to their own professional artist websites.

Working with Professor Ron Abram in this semester’s Senior Practicum course during quarantine & remote learning, the exhibition features the work of Fyo Badkhen, Hannah Gohl, Ciara Harriague, Mel Kirichok, Delaney McRitchie, Brendan Murphy, Anna Newman, Zoe Whelan and Charisma Yang.  As Abram describes, the students and the artwork exhibited online at Looking Back / Moving Forward “reveals the power of art during difficult times, resilience to creatively adapt to find new ways of making, and a solidarity amongst these seniors to forge community and togetherness even when apart. 

Jarod Smith ‘20,
Make it Work

Make it Work is senior Music Composition Major, Jarod Smith’s reference to how we are all working thru our limitations during this new phase of learning. The quartet is based on a Miles Davis composition (that is revealed musically at the end) entitled Solar

  • Jarod Smith ‘20
  • Anthony Bruno ‘20
  • Matt Marmon ‘23
  • Nengkuan Chen ‘22

Vaval Victor ‘20, Voices: Hip-Hop as a Social Practice

Voices: Hip-Hop as a Social Practice was the senior research project of Dance and Anthropology/Sociology major, Vaval Victor and performed at Denison early March. The student choreographed piece explores Hip-Hop as a source of liberation, expression, and autonomy for black bodies in society today. “I share with the world something very close to my heart, my first production as an artist/creator/choreographer.” VvV 

Fine Arts Senior Spotlight

Some take aways and favorite Denison memories from our AMAZING arts seniors!

Nicholas and Harrison DeChant, Vocal Performance Minors

Throughout their four years on the hill, it is no doubt that identical twins, Nicholas and Harrison, have made lasting memories and relationships within the fine arts community. Both Nicholas and Harrison agree that they will miss both their peers and professors from Denison the most. Nicholas says that “it was a real joy to work and grow” along with fellow students and professors in the arts community. Harrison adds that he has found the art community at Denison to be “full of spectacular talent with students and professors engaged and truly interested in the material.” He believes that being in this environment at Denison is what allowed him to always reach his full potential in the arts. Along with throwing a cast party in Eisner that almost got busted by security, and getting trapped in an elevator during a dress rehearsal, some of their favorite memories at Denison have been made during rehearsals for the many music ensembles that they each took part in. Harrison reflects on his time in rehearsals, saying that, “Getting to make music and art with friends and having their and your talents combine is a really enjoyable experience and one I’ll miss dearly.” Nicholas says that, “The music and acting was always made better by the jokes and laughter we all shared with each other. I never would laugh as hard during the day as I did during rehearsals, and that was what made my time in the Fine Arts extra special.” When asked what they will each take away from their Denison experience, Nicholas says “If anything, I’ll take away that the pursuit of knowledge, self-improvement, and especially excellence in the arts, helps to create a better and more enjoyable society.” Harrison says, “After my time at Denison, I truly have understood what an amazing difference caring mentors and instructors make in the development of a student. Their motivation and support have made all the difference in the world for me, and I hope I can take that with me in the future and be able to be as caring and good of a mentor as I experienced here in the arts community at Denison.”

Taylor Kern, Music Minor

Taylor says that one of her favorite memories of being a part of the arts community at Denison has been working with ETHEL. She says that performing alongside them and getting to watch them perform her composition was an amazing experience. Taylor will miss the connection she made with fellow music students and music professors through a mutual love and interest in music. She says that she loves “having a random conversation about a cool intro in a Handel piece I’m singing with Dr. Rudd or ranting about how great William Byrd and Bach are with Dr. Blim (and discussing music memes).” Taylor says that she will take away “the fact that music always has value and will always be important in my life. Though I may not be a full-time musician, I will always strive to keep that part of me present in my life by hopefully singing in church choirs and maybe even joining a professional ensemble someday.”

Wynn Reed, Dance and Geology Major

In their words, “I have been surrounded by Geology, Dance, and the Homestead for the past 5 years. I fell deeply in love with Granville and the gorgeous students who I lived with.” One of Wynn’s favorite memories of being a part of the Dance Department at Denison is performing Monumental for Sandra Mathern-Smith’s Site Dance course. “Our class choreographed a piece on top of a hand-made wooden mountain at the Denison Art Space in Newark in collaboration with guest artists.” Wynn also performed a site dance piece to commemorate the time they and 11 other Homesteaders moved to the Bancroft house for a month. The dance was performed at the Bancroft house, and Wynn wore VR goggles while running down the steep hill behind Crawford, attempting to look like an artist. Denison has provided me with so many beautiful friends, many of whom live in Columbus. I’m lucky to live and work with many DU students, all while still going to Denison.”

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Thursday, May 14, 2020

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During COVID-19 the music department wanted to do something to create a sense of community - the result - a great t-shirt shared across the world.

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