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A New Virtual Home…

Welcome to Arts@Denison 2.0v.5 - a new virtual home for the arts. Until we can be together physically, we hope these weekly greetings, profiles, and performances will keep us connected through the fine arts. We continue to celebrate the artistry of our students, faculty, staff, alums, and visiting artists. They demonstrate the love, resilience, and creativity of Denison-connected artists and the power of the arts and our artists.  Stay tuned weekly as we continue to celebrate all the submissions. And thank you so much for everything you’ve submitted - the response has been amazing! You can continue submissions by sending an email to Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more arts from our Denison community. 

Olivia Van Goor ‘19  How Deep Is The Ocean

Every Sunday, alumna Olivia Van Goor ’19, shares a new video of a jazz standard she and her pianist, Will Bennett, love.  Olivia was a Music and Economics double major and studied under Denison’s Jazz Ensemble Director, Pete Mills, voice with Carolyn Redman, Studio & Voice Class Instructor, and Stephanie Henkle. She also particpated in Chamber Singers and music directed Ladies’ Night Out.

This video is a tune called How Deep Is The Ocean, written by Irving Berlin in 1932. Other than the second line “I’ll tell you no lie”, the lyrics are exclusively a series of questions. This tune has been done by many of the greats like Miles, Ella, and Billie to name a few. Enjoy this version!

Click here to see Olivia’s YouTube Channel where you can find this Sunday Series and more.  Follow on Instagram: Will: @williammarshallbennett  Olivia: @oliviavangoormusic

Open book

Brown Skin Girl by Ewuradwoa

Look at the magic in your eyes
The strength in your speech
The resilience in your hair
The beauty in your presence
Look at the magic in your eyes
The grace in your walk
The eloquence in your speech
The attentiveness in your ear
Brown skin girl look at all these
These, these beautiful features
That are not of anyone but
But, but of you.

Stand up.
Scream Loud.
Shout out.
Raise your tone.
Cry out.
Be yourself.

Let them call you names.
They know your power
by giving energy to Your persona
They see you as a threat
Embrace it.
Live your truth.
Because the world is not ready for us yet

You are so much beauty and even more
I laugh
they saw your strength and shuddered
Shuddered at the realization that you are,
you were
and still are all that
That is why they silence you
They mock the accent in your speech
They put you in a box
Praying that you
You won’t realize your full potential
But thank God
for those that paved the way
Taught us by action.
Thank God
for the likes of Tyler Perry
Who stopped asking.
Stopped asking for permission to join the table
But stepped out, and created their own table
So yes today look at yourself in the mirror
See the beauty
that you are
See the strength
that you are
See the resilience
that you are
And be aware of how strong you are
and it’s is possible to be the better you that you want to be for you and not for anyone else,
Your brown skin is beauty.

Elsie Bunyan ‘21, who is majoring in Biology with a minor in Economics, wrote this poem as a reflection of the inner and outer beauty that women of color possess. “It came from a place of appreciating the strong powerful women in my own life who have demonstrated through their actions strength and resilience and have taught me to appreciate the person I am; the colour of my skin, my natural hair, the accent in my speech. Long story short, it is just a poem dedicated to all women of color to celebrate our beauty and not diminishing that in order to make people feel comfortable.”

Cora Kuyvenhoven

Cora Kuyvenhoven, an adjunct cello professor and co-director of chamber music, has been at Denison for 20 years. Dr. Kuyvenhoven is assistant principal cellist of ProMusica Chamber Orchestra and performs with the ProMusica String Quartet on concert series and educational programs. She is one of the four awesome cellists that are UCelli: The Columbus Cello Quartet. Here she performs Prelude from Suite No. 1 in G Major, by J.S. Bach.

Nicholas Reichert ‘22  Chopin’s Raindrop Prelude

Nicholas Reichert ’22, a Computer Science Major/Math and Music Minor, takes lessons from Dr. Kim and shares, “One of the things that drew me to this piece was the contrast between the pleasant outer sections and the ominous middle section.  Chopin’s music takes you on an adventure as the storm picks up, then peacefully subsides as you return home.” 

Virtual Senior Studio Art Show May 11,12 pm

Denison Studio Art Program is hosting a ZOOM feature launch event for its graduating seniors on Monday, May 11th, 12:00 pm using this Zoom link. With short presentations by the nine seniors on their work, the event will kick off a week-long feature launch of their Looking Back/Moving Forward online group exhibition and its catalog, artist videos, artist books, and their own individual artist websites. Our two graduating Bachelor of Fine Art students will also share their final senior research / solo show work. Please join Studio Art faculty, students, mentors, family and friends in celebrating the creative resilience of these couragious art students in this unique public event. 

Stream of Consciousness Photos

Aileen Schretzmayer ‘23  “stream of consciousness”

First year Studio Art major, Aileen Schretzmayer, created a triptych she titled, stream of consciousness. The first image of the piece, she says, “is where my eyes are shut as if the situation that is happening is just a bad dream. The second image is supposed to stand for my thoughts and how they are constantly in motion along with my emotions that are building and becoming stronger.  My last image is me realizing the reality of what’s going on and that it’s not a dream after all. The sheet in which I’m laying on is supposed to be as if I’m in the water and do not realize I’m intertwined with reality until I “wake up” and realize that it’s not changing.” 

Fine Arts Senior Spotlight

Some take aways and favorite Denison memories from our AMAZING arts seniors!

Brooke Stiles, Theatre Major
Theatre Major Brooke Stiles enjoys reminiscing on her time in the Theatre Department. She says one of her favorite memories was stage managing the production, Information for Foreigners. Brooke shared, “It was my first time ever Stage Managing and the entire cast and crew made me feel so welcome! We had such an incredible time making a beautifully haunting piece.” She also says that she will miss Denison’s Costume Shop Supervisor, Joyce Merrilees, and her “sassiness.” One funny memory she will never forget is when the assistant stage manager for the show Information for Foreigners hid a prop babydoll on a chair each night of the show for her to find while doing a final prop check. “I’ve had some of the most incredible opportunities while being at Denison, but I think I’ll take away the sheer vulnerability so many people in the Theatre Department had. I felt so humbled being a part of casts filled with incredibly talented people who were so vulnerable in their performance, work, or mentorship.”

Clem Pearson, Music Major
One of Clem’s favorite memories from working in the Music Department at Denison is all of the conversations he had in the hallways with his professors about, “life, and music, and what it means to be a thoughtful and sincere artist.” Clem says that he’ll “never forget conducting the musical It Shoulda Been You, or hearing my own compositions played by my friends in ETHEL.” Clem will take away many things from his four years at Denison, but the biggest take away is that “music is about community and connection. It’s about the people we make it with. I’ve had the chance to work with some world-class musicians here, and I’ve made music with some of my closest friends.”

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

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During COVID-19 the music department wanted to do something to create a sense of community - the result - a great t-shirt shared across the world.

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