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Welcome to Arts@Denison 2.0v.4 - a new virtual home for the arts. Until we can be together physically, we hope these weekly greetings, profiles, and performances will keep us connected through the fine arts. We continue to celebrate the artistry of our students, faculty, staff, alums, and visiting artists. They demonstrate the love, resilience, and creativity of Denison-connected artists and the power of the arts and our artists. Stay tuned weekly as we continue to celebrate all the submissions. And thanks so much for everything you’ve submitted - the response has been amazing! You can tag @artsatdenison or send submissions directly to Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more arts from our Denison community. 

Nicole Harris Senior Recital 

Nicole Harris ‘20 and Shengbo Shi ‘21 perform excerpts from Schubert’s Arpeggione Sonata during Nicole’s senior recital. “I’m so grateful,” she shares, “that I’ve been able to grow as a musician at Denison with amazing faculty and students, and I had fun collaborating with Shengbo on this piece. Having the opportunity to share what we had been working on for so long before everything changed meant a lot to me.”

A Denison Greeting from ETHEL

ETHEL, one of our Ensembles-in-Residence, shares not only a warm greeting but an exciting gift for our Denison family and Granville Community. Enjoy this video premiere of the Harrison Ponce ‘18 composition, Streams, performed live in December from National Sawdust in Brooklyn as a part of ETHEL’s emerging composer’s series, HomeBaked 2019.

Harrison shared, “It was stunning to see my collaboration with ETHEL being performed in NYC alongside other rising composers. Sitting in the audience, I was not able to refrain from reflecting on my great fortune to receive a Denison education and to have fostered such valuable connections.”

Established in New York City in 1998, ETHEL joined Denison’s family in 2014 and in 2017 the members of ETHEL were awarded honorary degrees, Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa. ETHEL’s time at Denison has engaged the entire campus and the greater community in an exploration of music and its connections with other academic disciplines. For more on ETHEL visit their website

Say It Loud  Museum Exhibition Virtual Tour

We have some news to share! You can now access our current show, Say It Loud, through the virtual tour link. Click the gear icon for narration and use the gallery guide to engage with these fantastic works! Make sure to click on all four “photos” for links to the full gallery. From the collection of Hedy Fischer and Randy Shull, Say It Loud includes the work of world-renowned contemporary black artists who document and challenge dominant historical perspectives and events. The exhibition illustrates the struggles and achievements of African-Americans, with themes focused on ethnic identity, institutional racism, gender, and beauty. Works come from an array of Guggenheim, Whitney, and MoMA artists, including Kehinde Wiley (Obama’s official portraitist), Kerry James Marshall, Alison Saar, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Mickalene Thomas, Hank Willis Thomas, and Sanford Biggers.

Our museum might be physically closed, but we’re still here and teaching as we #museumfromhome!

Dance Happens Everywhere

Dance Technique for Performance is a Contemporary Dance technique and performance course taught by Assistant Dance Professor, Molly Shanahan. Molly asked her students to quickly develop movement in, on, or using a chair or bench—something that could infuse their day to day spaces with a sense of their creativity as dance artists and as a way to remind them that dance happens everywhere even as we miss being in Thorsen and the Upper Studio at Doane. 

Abby Masturzo ‘23, Sebastian Goodman ‘23, Emma Driver ‘23, Fiona McNichols ‘20, Fiona Shepherd ‘23. Original music by Resident Dance Musician, Matthew Peyton Dixon.

Ladies Night Out Album Release

Ladies’ Night Out is the only all-female acapella group at Denison, performing throughout the university’s campus as well as the Granville area. Entirely student-run, the group performs an array of genres from our ever-expanding repertoire, ranging from traditional to more modern pieces. Since 1980, LNO has been bringing a fun and exciting musical presence to Denison’s campus while still maintaining a strong tradition that extends far beyond undergraduate years. It is a sisterhood; we are a tight-knit group of friends that come together to share our common love of music.

Last semester, we were fortunate enough to record an album that features 13 songs with a variety of soloists, in addition to 2 other festive holiday songs that can be found on our SoundCloud. We hope that this album provides some joy and entertainment during everyone’s time away from campus! Follow Ladies Night Out on Facebook and check out their web page.

Fine Arts Senior Spotlight

Some take aways and favorite Denison memories from our AMAZING arts seniors!

Tasha DeYoung,  Theatre Major
Tasha DeYoung ‘20, is a graduating Theater Major who came to Denison with an interest in costume design. During her four years, she also developed a love for lighting design and theater production, which is something she never expected. In her own words, “I would not have had the opportunity to learn all of this anywhere else, yet the professors here are supportive and will teach what you want to learn.” Tasha strongly believes that, when it comes to professors at Denison, all it takes is one connection, “and they will build opportunities around what you are interested in.” One of her favorite experiences was creating a hat out of pizza boxes and shredded newspaper that was used for play produced by DITA called Jamie Ver.m1llion. Since the play had no budget, Tasha got to be creative with the resources she had at her disposal. “Denison never kept me in a bubble where I could only do theatre and nothing else.”

Delaney McRitchie, Studio Art and Environmental Studies Double Major
Delaney McRitchie ‘20, a Studio Art and Environmental Studies double major, says one of her favorite memories was participating in the senior art trip to New York City. During the visit, she met professional artists, visited their studios and gained insight into their lifestyle working in the arts. Delaney will miss, “the late night studio sessions, the Mai Chau runs, and all of the events that the art department held.” But most of all, she will miss the “incredible professors” who worked daily to help students achieve their best work. Delaney shared, “the studio art department has meant so much to me, and has given me an arts family to lean into and continue to learn from.” Denison arts has taught Delaney how to “support each other” and how to “learn well.” “I have spent so much time in Bryant, and will be forever grateful for the work it generated, the relationships it created, and the ideas sprouted in those studios. Denison Studio Art Department will always have my heart!”

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

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