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Student Success, Retention and Persistence

About Dean Fox:

This is my 11th year at Denison. Before my appointment as Dean of Students, I served the college as an Associate Dean and Director of Housing & Residential Education for five years. I grew up in New Jersey and spent many years in the Washington, DC area working in higher education settings.

I enjoy bringing my family to campus events and cheering on the Big Red! You can often find me enjoying a cup of coffee on the weekends at one of the coffee shops in Granville. I am a part-time graduate student pursuing my doctorate so I can also be found in our library or on my front porch in town studying.

It is a privilege to be able to work at Denison and within the field of higher education and student affairs. Educators made a difference in my childhood in such a way that helped me value learning and believe in myself. I am driven by the desire to see our students and community flourish. I feel like I am applying my talents in this work, acknowledging areas for growth, and coming to know more of myself in the process. My life’s work thus far has exposed me to the life stories, struggles and achievements of hundreds of young people. I feel fortunate to have benefited from their openness with me. Empathy is a personal strength and it is expressed in my daily work. These conversations have influenced how I live my life and serve as an educator and ally.

I supervise the “Persistence Team” within the division of Student Development at Denison University. We conduct research about the student experience at Denison. As a team of professionals who care deeply about student success, we are focused on creating policies, programs and practices that produce momentum for degree attainment. We also seek to eliminate barriers to persistence. We support students as they respond to personal and academic challenges.

B.A. Political Science & Communication, James Madison University; M.A. Education Policy and Leadership, The Ohio State University; Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Management, Georgetown University; Ed.D. (anticipated 2020), University of Pittsburgh



Dean works to make a difference in the community

From the desk of Dean Fox

Border Towns: Campuses work to make sure that the dividing line between town and gown doesn't become a line in the sand. pages 60-63

Generating and Utilizing Data to Inform Persistence-Related Priorities, NASPA Closing the Achievement Gap Conference, 2016

Title IX Investigations: Promising Practices and Lessons from Peers, NASPA IV-E Conference, 2014

ACUHO-I Virtual Roundtable: Title IX, October 2014

Assessing Social Culture on Residential Campuses: Approaches to Creating Safe Communities, ACUHO-I Annual Conference, 2014

College 101: Thriving on Campus, Presentation to University School Graduates, 2014

How to Succeed in Student Affairs (With or Without a Doctoral Degree), NASPA Annual Conference, 2014

ACUHO-I Virtual Roundtable: The Impact that Student Financial Aid Cuts Could Have on Housing Occupancy, July 2011

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Housing Officers’ Responses to Changing Purchasing Regulations and Tax Codes, ACUHO-I Annual Conference, 2011

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The Homestead Program: Cabin Living Year-Round with a Focus on Ecological Sustainability, ACUHO-I Annual Conference, 2009

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Developing Leadership through Community Service-Learning, panel member, ACPA Convention, 2000


Professional Memberships
  • ACUHO-I: The Association of College and University Housing Officers International Regional Affiliations Director, Executive Board 2011-2013 Term
    Chair, ACUHO-I Public Policy Advisory Committee 2007-2011 Term
  • ASHE: Association for the Study of Higher Education
  • LeaderShape Institute, Cluster Facilitator
  • NASPA: Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education


Student Collaborations