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She / Her / Hers

What is your story? Even as a child, I was always curious and wanted to know someone’s story. I have always valued knowledge and understanding other perspectives. My undergraduate journey was one of discovery, increasing my passion for understanding how people construct their personal beliefs, the role culture plays in development of identity, and the unique differences we all possess. I was able to closely inspect religion, language, sexuality, and gender specific topics. I became particularly interested in how our physical health, wellness, and personal connections impact our social and emotional functioning.

I am currently independently licensed to treat both mental health and addiction disorders. I have experience working in both community mental health and private practice settings. I firmly believe in using a motivational approach that values both strength-based and solution- focused therapies. I work collaboratively with clients to explore how to establish healthy connections with themselves and the world around them. Helping others to create a strong and confident foundation for their lives has been extremely rewarding work.

The Ohio State University, Bachelor of Art in Cultural Comparative Studies Grand Canyon University, Master of Science in Addiction Counseling